Healthy Living Makes You Feel Beautiful

Being healthy makes us feel more pretty, sexy and beautiful. With proper eating habits and healthy foods we can manage to make our life more essential. The best way to have a healthier life is to avoid food which are not healthy to our body. Let me search for you of some beneficial tips experts might share to us. Their secrets and their ways on how to be beautiful by living healthy.

Jeniffer Langione of Huffington Post quoted:

“If you look at the flawless women featured in Cosmo or watch shows like America’s Next Top Model, it’s not surprising that many women struggle with their self-esteem. How can we “love ourselves for who we are” if we’re bombarded with unrealistic images of women in the media? As human beings, we’re wired to strive for perfection. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and yearning for something we don’t have. We spend so much time worrying about our appearance and what others think that we forget how lucky we are. The sad truth is that “Only 4% of women  around the world consider themselves beautiful,” according to research by Dove. So let’s put down the magazines, turn off the TV and forget about “perfection” for a second — it’s time we start to appreciate our own beauty.”

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Another one I quoted here that I have read from

“The saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Beauty is hard to define, but ultimately goes beyond being physically flawless. Daily routines, as well as knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle, help you to become more beautiful every day. You can learn how to be healthy through books, websites and professionals, and draw support from the people around you.”

By By Sara Hickman, eHow Contributor

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After reading those ideas we can really conclude that we can be healthy by doing daily exercises, eating healthy foods that will make our outer appearance beautiful.