Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gifts Review

Let’s talk chocolate. Smooth, velvety, sweet, delicious chocolate, oh how I love everything about you. So yeah you could say I’m a bit of a chocoholic. And if there’s one thing that always makes it onto my Christmas list every year it’s a posh box of choccies. A couple of years back my husband bought me a year’s subscription to Hotel Chocolat and that is where the love affair began. Because you see once you’ve had Hotel Chocolat chocolates there is no going back!

Now I’m not going to be beat around the bush here, as a blogger I get gifted some pretty lush things with the understanding that I then write an honest review of them. But never, ever, ever have I been more excited than the day a MASSIVE parcel from Hotel Chocolat turned up on my doorstep.

They have kindly sent me a selection of advent calendars and gift boxes from their Christmas range and well I mean in the name of all things chocolatey I suppose I better be the one to taste test them… because someone’s gotta do it πŸ˜‰

Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendars

Let’s kick it off with a couple of advent calendars from the range. They’ve got a good selection this year so I reckon your hardest job will be knowing which one to pick. But to help you out here’s a couple of good ‘uns:

The Grand Advent Calendar

This is the daddy of all advent calendars, it is HUGE… mind you, I’m certainly not complaining! Packed with tonnes of Hotel Chocolat goodies this is way more than your average chocolate advent calendar. Now listen, I don’t want to go ahead and ruin the surprise and tell you what’s behind every door, because that is really annoying when bloggers do that isn’t it!?! But what I will tell you is that you can expect a delicious selection of luxury chocolates as well as a few cheeky surprises of the alcoholic variety and a few other goodies in there too. Trust me it’s good….. very good! And if you really can’t wait, the back of the calendar has a contents list, so you’ll just have to buy one for yourselves to find out won’t you, you cheeky so and so’s.

The Grand Advent Calendar is priced at Β£68 which considering what you get inside is in my opinion very reasonably priced. I’m not sure what all the contents would come to if you added them up separately, but it would definitely be more than this. You only have to look at the size of the doors to know you’re in for a treat, it’s a very special calendar and one I think we all deserve this year.

The Everything Advent Calendar

There’s nothing better than starting the day with chocolate. It’s one of the things I love about December – there are no rules. Filled with 24 luxury chocolates there is something for everyone in here, well the clue is in the name after all. It’s got the smooth fruity ones, the chunky nutty ones, the sumptuous pudding ones, and the sophisticated boozy ones… just maybe keep those ones away from the kids yeah?

Priced at Β£26 (that’s just over a quid a choccie maths fans) this is a chocoholics dream and absolutely the best way to start the day. I mean how on earth can you go to work in a bad mood when you’ve had one of these beauts with your morning brew. Answer: you can’t!

Whether you decide to share this with your partner, treat a loved one, or just say screw it and buy it for yourself, one thing’s for sure you will not be disappointed.

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Gift Boxes

Oh my days Hotel Chocolat have got so many beautiful chocolate gift boxes and hampers to choose from it is unreal. You really will just have to nip on over to their website and check them all out for yourselves, because seriously… total droolfest. But before you do I’ve got a couple I want to show you:

The ‘Nice’ List Collection

I mean come on, I think after everything we’ve been through recently Santa’s going to be making sure we’re all on his nice list this year and what better way to celebrate than by sending your friends and family this gorgeous selection of chocolates.

I think this would make a perfect gift to send to a family, as there is such a good variety in there and something to suit all taste buds. Or if you’re smart you could even split it up into separate presents to give to your own family. Either way it is a truly stunning gift.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Classic Christmas H-box – a selection of 15 festive shaped chocolates, including a rather cute Santa and penguin, filled with squidgy indulgent centres with flavours such as caramel, clementine, champagne and mulled wine. Delish!
  • Winter Puddings H-box – 14 mind blowingly tasty chocs all themed around your favourite desserts and cakes. Think carrot cake, gooseberry crumble, brownie, and treacle tart. Insane!
  • Elf’s Stocking – This is one for the kids. A classic red stocking (made from sustainable bamboo and can be reused for future Christmases my eco friends) filled to the top with 12 individually wrapped Christmas chocolates in the shape of penguins, trees and reindeer. Super cute!
  • Christmas Pick-Me-Up – A gift in it’s own right this is made up of a bag of Clementine Caramels, a Penguin Snowed Under Slab and a 6 pack of Caramel Supernova’s – my faves in case you were wondering πŸ˜‰
  • Christmas Pocket Selection – Perfect as a stocking filler, these 8 filled chocolates are beautifully presented in their own box.
  • White Chocolate Jolly Snowman – So cute you won’t want to eat it, oh OK maybe not that cute – is anything that cute!?! A white chocolate 3D super smiley snowman that any kid would love to devour at Christmas… and if they don’t, I most certainly will!

And you can get ALL of that for just Β£60.00. Seriously, it’s good isn’t it.

A Merry Little Christmas Hamper

And finally there’s this lovely little set priced at a more budget friendly Β£27.50, but still jam packed with tonnes of chocolatey treats to spread joy to your loved ones this Christmas.

Each item is individually wrapped, so again if you wanted you could use them for stocking fillers or even as table gifts, but I love how beautiful it looks as a gift box – that red ribbon just reeks of class dontcha think?

Contents include:

  • Milk Chocolate Puddles
  • 2 x Salted Caramel Snowflakes
  • 2 x Large Chocolate Slabs – Comet Does Caramel Slab and Rocky Road.
  • 2 x Mini Slabs – Dark Fruit & Nut and Caramarvellous.
  • Christmas Mini Selection of 4 luxury chocolates.

As I mentioned, I am a huge fan of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, they just are amazing. From how they taste, to how they look and how well they’re presented, everything about them makes you feel special when you receive them, and that’s exactly what you want when you get someone a Christmas present isn’t it, for them to feel special. They’ve got so many fantastic chocolate gifts on their website this year and this is only a mere snapshot of the products on offer, so make sure you head on over to their website and do a bit of online window shopping, because let’s face it it’s looking highly likely that’s how we’re all going to be doing our Christmas shopping this year, from the comfort of our sofas.

*products gifted for review

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