How To Get The Most From Your Keto Diet

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The Keto Diet. Everywhere you look, it seems everyone is either doing it and achieving fantastic results; thinking about doing it, but still wondering if it’s worth the effort; or tried it and found it just too difficult.

However, there’s a reason why celebrities like Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian swear by it. In 2018, Keto Diet was the most searched diet on Google, pushing Vegan and Paleo off the top of the list. However, the fact that half of all the top 10 food item searches on Google were for keto versions of popular sweet treats and comfort foods – brownies, cookies, cheesecake, pancakes, and chili – indicates that keto diet followers desperately crave what the keto diet denies them – carbohydrates.

To assist would-be keto weight loss to achieve their goals is a plethora of keto supplements produced by manufacturers like Approved Science Keto, as well as specially formulated keto snacks and foods.

Why The Keto Diet Is Popular

The question, however, has to be asked: if the keto diet is so difficult, why is this new diet becoming so popular?

It might surprise you to learn that the keto diet is not new. It has been used for almost one hundred years to treat certain chronic medical conditions, particularly uncontrolled epilepsy. It was adapted as a basis for weight loss in the 1970s in the famous Dr Atkins Diet, and since then it has reappeared in various guises over the years.

One of the reasons for the renewed interest in and popularity of the keto diet is that, compared to many conventional weight-loss eating plans that are based around reduced calorie and fat intake combined with exercise – and have largely failed to show sustained long-term effects – there is a growing body of scientific evidence that the keto diet works, and works quickly.

Provided you are able to stick to it. And that’s not easy. For the diet to work effectively, you have to remain in a permanent state of ketosis. Ketosis refers to the production of ketone bodies which are derived from fats and which are used an alternative source of fuel (energy or calories) when the body does not have sufficient carbohydrates. So the keto diet is all about cutting out carbs and eating more fats, as well as a little protein. Sounds simple – but, for many people, this is not the case.

How To Overcome Keto Side-Effects

It can be difficult to attain a state of ketosis. Reaching ketosis can take days, or even longer for some people. Along the way, many people suffer from some pretty horrible side effects. Some of these are sometimes short-lived, as your body adapts to the new way of eating. Others remain problematic for much longer, and for some individuals, may never go away at all. However, for most people, most side effects disappear once they are in ketosis. Reported side effects range from headaches and general wooziness, to feeling ill, nauseous, dizzy, tired yet unable to sleep and generally out of sorts. People also often complain about having food cravings and experiencing a racing heart; bad breath; leg cramps and constipation.

That’s why literally dozens, if not hundreds, of supplement manufacturers now offer a huge array of keto pills, powders and potions of all kinds to help you get the greatest benefits from your keto eating plan.

Many of these products are designed to do little more than help overcome some of the symptoms associated with ketosis such as high-fat, salty snacks that will hopefully help to prevent leg cramps while increasing one’s intake of fat. Bone broths and other “drinkable ketogenic meals” serve a similar purpose.

Then there are supplements that are formulated to provide the body with additional ketones to use when you are not in ketosis. They are also said to help you transition into a state of ketosis – faster than by diet alone – or to get back into ketosis almost immediately if you slip up and slip out of ketosis for any reason (such as breaking your strict diet). That means, probably not having to suffer through the dreaded side effects over, and over, and over again.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that, as with all supplements, not all keto supplements are created equal. Before purchasing a keto supplement, read as many reviews of the various products as you can and choose the one that most closely meets your needs.

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