Best High Protein Breakfasts To Keep You Charged Up Throughout Your Day

The best way to power your mornings and keep the rest of the day charged is by having high protein breakfasts every day. Nutritionists suggest that starting the day off with proteins boosts your metabolism, keeps you active, and helps you stay full for a longer period.

A high protein breakfast will also aid you in shedding your weight faster and effectively. Protein acts as a fuel to your body, especially after a HIIT workout or weight training session. In this article, we will discuss proteins and share the best high protein breakfasts you can have every day.

Why Protein Is Important In The Mornings?

Protein is an important component for a vast number of reasons, including helping:

  • To build and repair tissues.
  • To make your hair and nails strong.
  • To produce and regulate enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals in your body.
  • To protect bones, cartilage and skin health.
  • To maintain muscles.
  • To improve blood circulation.

This makes proteins apt nutrients when you are trying to lose weight, when you are on an intermittent fast, when you are pregnant or lactating, and when you are weight training and building muscles.

That being said you must eat the right protein so that it makes up to 15 to 25 percent of your energy intake per day, along with the right complex carbs and healthy fats to achieve your health goal.

Unlike vitamins and minerals, protein is a macronutrient and therefore, your body needs a large amount of it to function efficiently. Since the body does not store proteins in the same way that it stores fat and carbs, you have to consume the nutrient every day.

Best High-Protein Breakfasts That Will Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

There are several ways to get protein in your breakfast. The type of protein you eat plays a huge role in your overall health journey – right from losing weight to your baby’s health. Fish, lean poultry, beans, pulses and legumes, nuts, soy-based foods, and whole grains are the best sources of healthy proteins that don’t add an excess of calories to your diet.

Listed below are the best high protein breakfasts we recommend for you:

Eggs and Bread

One boiled egg contains 13g of protein. You can make a quick scramble of 2 eggs in olive or coconut oil, along with chopped onions, pepper, or other fresh veggies and herbs to make a super-tasty breakfast.

Complete the meal by adding a slice of wholewheat toast. If you are running out of time in the morning, quickly boil three eggs while you get ready, cut them in halves, and sprinkle some spice mix on top to make yourself a healthy and complete breakfast and if you have all the time in the world, bake few nice egg muffins with whole eggs, egg whites, Greek yogurt and few veggies of your choice.

Cottage Cheese and Flat Bread

Cottage cheese is one of the best sources of protein for vegetarians. Half a cup of cottage cheese can provide 12g of protein. It also contains amino acid and leucine, both essential in building muscles. To make a complete breakfast out of it, you must include a healthy carb, such as oatmeal or wholewheat Indian flatbread. If you have the time, you can make cottage cheese scrambled with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and ginger, and have it with one slice of wholewheat toast or a chapatti.

Chickpea and Jicama Stew

While chickpeas are one of the finest and tastiest forms of proteins, the health benefits of jicama have not escaped our minds. Jicama benefits us because it has an impressive list of nutrients. When you combine both together, you get a perfect, wholesome, and tasty breakfast recipe. You will get around 20g of protein per serving if you make an amazing chickpea and jicama stew for your morning meal.

Protein-Packed Smoothies

When you are running late for work, or you want something really tasty and satisfying after your morning workout, consider having a protein smoothie –  and we are talking about a real smoothie, not a store brought powder that you mix with water. You can make a smoothie with kale, pumpkin, chia seeds, berries, mango, or anything else that is rich in protein.

Avocado, Tofu, and Quinoa Salad

All three of these foods are rich in protein. Each can give you around 10-12g of protein per serving. They can make a perfect high-protein savoury dish. Add avocado, tofu, kale, cherries, and tomatoes to make this a high-power breakfast that will keep your tummy satisfied and your health satiated.

15g of protein is all you need to supercharge your mornings, help you stay active for the rest of the day, and even control your hunger by making you feel full and satiated. Just 15g! Amazing, isn’t it?

You can make different dishes out of the aforementioned foods to help make your breakfast wholesome and tasty. However, consume at least 40-60g of protein throughout your day if you wish to lose weight or build muscle.

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