How To Switch Up Your Look With A Different Pair Of Glasses

Becky Stafferton from The Artof Healthy Living wearing rimless glasses to show how a different pair of glasses can change your look.

I’ve been wearing glasses since my early twenties. Partly due to genetics and partly due to entering the world of computer based work after university, I’m by no means as blind as a bat but I do need a pair of glasses to figure out which of my children are which. I’m short sighted, which means I can’t see things very well in the distance, so definitely need them to drive and to watch TV etc. I also wear contact lenses, but that’s a whole different blogpost.

Having just recently had my annual eye test and with one of my eyes weakening ever so slightly, plus the fact my old pair of glasses had got a bit bent out of shape, I figured it was time for a new pair. It’s always tricky choosing a new pair of specs isn’t it? Do you stick with what you know or do you completely switch up your look with a different pair of glasses altogether? And there’s so much choice these days, that actually it makes the decision process all the more difficult.

To help you out I’m going to take you through a few of the things you should think about before buying your next pair of glasses and show you just how different you can look simply by switching up which glasses you wear.

Face Shape

Personal taste clearly comes into play when it comes to choosing glasses, but if you want to make sure you get a pair that truly compliments you it’s important to select a pair that suits your face shape. Most opticians, whether it be on the high street or online, offer a service to photograph your face from different angles so that it creates a 3D image on which you can position the different frames. This is particularly handy if you are long sighted and would therefore struggle to see yourself in a mirror when physically trying them on.

Find out what glasses suit your face shape below:

Square – Angular, pronounced and broad. People with square faces look good in oval or round glasses as it helps to soften their angular features.

Round – Soft, uniform and less defined. Those of you with round faces look good in rectangular glasses as this helps add definition and contours your face to make it look narrower.

Heart – Lucky you. If you have a heart shaped face you can be pretty flexible with what shaped glasses to go for as more or less everything suits you.

Oval – Like heart shaped people, oval faces can wear all kinds of different shaped glasses. Just be careful to get the size right as narrow frames can sometimes lengthen an already long face.

Frame Or No Frame

There are lots of different pros and cons as to whether to go with framed or rimless glasses, or even whether you hedge your bets and go semi-rimless. Ultimately, it’s down to personal preference and which feel the most comfortable to you. However, this is where you can have fun with your look and you may decide that having a few different pairs is exactly what your eye wardrobe needs.

Rimless Glasses

These glasses have no frame whatsoever. They consist purely of the lenses themselves joined together across the bridge of the nose and then of course the arms either side. They are much lighter than framed glasses and are therefore arguably more comfortable to wear. However, because of the lack of frame it does mean there is less to protect the frames and could potentially be more delicate.

There are lots of rimless glasses online and as you can see from the pair I’m wearing in the picture they really do change the way a person looks. Because of the lack of frame, I’ve noticed that my field of vision is less restricted. It’s kind of like watching a wide screen telly versus watching something on the screen of your phone. And I don’t know about you, but I think they kinda make me look a bit smarter too πŸ˜‰

This pair that I’m wearing are really lightweight, comfortable and the lenses aren’t too thick and clunky – I must admit I was a bit concerned they’d look like milk bottle glasses! And you’d be forgiven for thinking that rimless glasses have a reputation for being boring and that only old people wear them, but actually they are very much in fashion at the moment. They help to show off the natural beauty of your face rather than detract from it, and if you are someone who prefers not to make a feature of your glasses, rimless ones are definitely the way to go. And you can still have a bit of fun with them by choosing slightly tinted lenses or by choosing ones that have brightly coloured arms for example.

Semi-Rimless Glasses

The safe choice. Semi rimless glasses give you the best of both worlds; a bit of frame for interest and the lightweight comfort of rimless. The frame runs across the top of the glasses and the lenses remain open and rimless on the bottom half. The look is very much a professional one, creating an air of confidence and trust.

Framed Glasses

Framed glasses, or fully rimmed as they are also sometimes known, offer you the most choice. From what colour, what material and whether to go completely full on bling with all out jewels and sparkle this is how you can really let your personality shine through.

From aviators to wraparounds, cat eye to butterfly, there is a frame to suit all face shapes and all personalities, it’s just up to you to try some on and have fun playing around with your look.

Aesthetics aside however, framed glasses do offer more protection to the lenses than semi or rimless ones, although they can be much more cumbersome and heavy on the face too, so it’s really a question of what is more important to you.

How Can A Pair Of Glasses Make Such A Difference To How I Look?

A good question right? Surely a pair of glasses doesn’t make that much of a difference…. well it does. Just take a look at the two pictures of me; the one at the top of this article where I am wearing rimless glasses and the one below where I’m wearing frames.

Two very different looks I think, and it has made me realise that perhaps I should mix my look up a bit by swapping around my glasses a bit. Sometimes I find that I get slight pressure headaches from wearing my framed glasses, and so perhaps wearing rimless ones for a bit is the answer. And hey if we’re happy wearing lots of different styles of sunglasses, why should we not do the same for our prescription glasses. We wear different clothes everyday and yet we wear the same pair of glasses each day without even batting an eyelid. In future, I for one plan on switching up my looks and investing in a few more pairs, especially when once you know your prescription, it’s really easy to buy new pairs online.

*Rimless glasses gifted for review purposes.

Do you wear glasses? Have you got more than one pair? Do you stick to the same style or do you like to mix it up a bit?

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