How To Go From Home Gym To Owning Your Own Fitness Business

With gyms closed during lockdown, many of us have had to find other ways to keep on top of our fitness. Some of us resorted to using online workout videos, some took up running, and others may have invested in a few essential bits of fitness equipment and set up their own gym space at home.

If you are one of the latter, you might have discovered a new found passion for working out at home, so much so that your new gym space has inspired you to think about making this a new business prospect. Training aside, which of course you will definitely need to do if you’re thinking of becoming a personal trainer, you will also need to think about how you can transform your personal home gym into one that could potentially become your new fitness business.

To help get those creative juices flowing when you form your grand master plan, here’s some of the things you should be thinking about:

Health And Safety First

Making sure your fitness space is safe for you to work out in is one thing, but when it comes to having other people work out in that space, health and safety goes to a while different level. You will firstly need to look into getting the right kind of insurance that covers you should someone injure themselves on your premises and you will also need contents insurance to make sure all of your equipment is covered too.

Once you have insurance sorted, the best thing you can do is to try and avoid accidents altogether, which means having a thorough check to make sure that your gym space is fit for purpose. Check the flooring is secure and non slip and that there are no loose edges for people to trip over. Get an electrician in to check that the electrics are safe and that they meet regulations. If your gym is in your garage make sure the garage doors work properly, the last thing you need is for one to come crashing down on one of your client’s heads. Canadian Doors garage door repair will be able to help you should you need it. And lastly check all of your equipment. If you have any pieces of big equipment like a treadmill, rower, or multigyms and benches it would be worth contacting the manufacturer and seeing whether they are due a service, just to make sure they are 100% working safely

The Power Of Marketing

Once your gym is all set up, you’ve done your training, got the certificates and you’re all ready to go, you’re going to need to market your new fitness business in order to build up your client list. Word of mouth is everything and to get people talking about your PT services you could offer free trials, firstly to family and friends, and then as a promotional tool for attracting other customers.

In this day and aged every new fitness business should have its own website, which you can direct people to if they ask about it. You might be able to set up a very simple website yourself, or if you’ve included this in your budget you could of course here someone to build you one. Remember to think about your branding, to include some photos of your set up, your prices, and any reviews you have received so far. To help people discover your website and fitness business when doing a Google search it’s worth getting the help from a link building company, such as Rex Originals, as this will increase your exposure to potential new clients.

In addition, using push notifications for both your website and smartphone app is a fantastic way to keep in contact with current customers, providing them with updates as well as reminders about their bookings. You will find that using this method of communication encourages customers to return and could help reduce any cancellations.

There is also nothing wrong in going old school and getting some leaflets printed out that you can do a door to door leaflet drop with in your local area. It’s al about letting people know what your fitness business offers and it’s a chance to get your name out there.

Launch Night

And finally, when you’re all set up, you’ve got customers booked in, and you’re ready to launch your brand new venture, you absolutely need to celebrate. Host a launch night for friends, family, neighbours and anyone else who has helped you along the way. You could even invite someone from the local newspaper over too, to get a bit of promotional advertising in at the same time.

Lay on some canapés and drinks for everybody (places like even have a wine club that you can join, in case you need supplies for future events), play some music, and celebrate how far you’ve come from your home gym in the spare room.

This is a really exciting time for you and what a wonderful thing it is to have something positive come out of the coronavirus pandemic for once. Sometimes we need something big to happen to make us sit back and think about what it is we want out of life. We wish you every success with your new fitness business. Well done you!

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