Necessary Life Skills For Modern Women

A modern woman has many opportunities to live her life the way she sees fit. Today, a woman can be a homemaker, lawyer, programmer, astronaut, but also a housewife, stay-at-home mom and everything in between. But, with many opportunities, women also face unique challenges and barriers. Most women need to juggle being a friend, girlfriend, wife, mother, daughter, businesswoman, volunteer and many other roles too.

But, with the right life skills, you don’t have to sacrifice anything in your life due to fear, and you will be able to meet any challenge head-first. Your career will grow, your relationships will flourish and you’ll be a true modern superwoman.

Understanding Finances

No matter if you’re earning money or not, you need to have a firm grasp on your finances. Knowing where to invest, how to reduce spending, how to handle taxes, how to choose the right insurance and how to plan for retirement should all be a part of your repertoire. Who says women are bad in handling finances?!?

Understanding Contracts

Any contract signing (such as that during lease agreement) should be pretty clear and easy for you. Learn how to properly read all the clauses before signing and never skip checking out all the details or be embarrassed to state if something is not okay. You can find online guides that will help you stay vigilant when handling contracts.

Home Maintenance

In order to save money and time on calling the carpenter, electrician or plumber every time something stops working in your home, you need to learn basic home maintenance. Equip your tool belt with basic tools for repairs like pliers, crew drivers, wrenches, a hammer and tape measure. Once you have all the necessary tools, you’ll see that repairs are easier than you thought. Of course, some things are better left for professionals – all major electrical and plumbing issues require you to call a pro.

Car Skills

Did you know that around 60% of all drivers don’t know how to change a tire? Don’t be one of those irresponsible drivers and learn this easy yet useful skill. Who knows when you’ll get stuck on an empty road with a flat! Get to know your vehicle well and learn how to meet its maintenance needs. You can also adjust your car to your driving habits. If you’re often driving around the neighborhood, you might want to reduce your engine noise. Luckily, adjustable mufflers will allow you to control the sound level of your exhaust and enjoy both peace and quiet and sporty noise on command!


If you don’t know self-defense yet, there’s no better time to start practicing it. With a simple self-defense course, you can learn how to deal with any attacker and what to carry with you for protection.

Basic Survival

You might think that you’ll never need survival skills, but what if you get stuck on a desert road while you travel or get lost during one of your hikes or camping trips? There are many situations where you might need to do with what little you have. You can study some basic survival skills and learn how to construct a shelter, start a fire and catch food. Every woman should know how to survive emergencies by creating a fire plan and learning what to do in an environmental disaster.

Goal-Getting Skills

If you’re a serious businesswoman, you need to have good goal-setting skills to survive in the business world. Unless you have a vision, you will never get what you want in a professional sense. So make sure to imagine where you want to be, identify your priorities and create a tactical plan that will allow you to make things happen.


Today, everything is done online, so you need to practice good cyber-security to keep your money, photos and other confidential details safe. Keep your accounts secure by practicing these good cyber habits.


No matter your lifestyle and career goals, every woman should know how to get around a kitchen and whip up a balanced meal for herself. You can practice a few signature dishes to rely on when you want to impress your family, friends and potential partners. Knowing the basics of storing and serving food is also essential.

If you want to be independent and not count on anyone for help, dedicate some time to learning these skills. They will add on to your personality and make you a truly complete modern woman!

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in business and marketing related topics.

In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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