Prescription Drug Coupons: Why Should You Save And Use Them?

Prescription medicines are expensive, and if you’re living in the U.S., it’s very likely that you are spending a high percentage of your finances on your medication. You’re fortunate if you’re young, active, and healthy, but if you’re old and diagnosed with chronic illness, that’s when the amount starts to add up excessively.

However, we don’t want to put our health on the side to save some money. Did you know that there are ways and remedies to get your routine medication without spending too much? And with this, you can save more than ever.

We know that you have heard about prescription drug coupons. But do you know what they are and why you should start saving and using them? We’re here to tell you why.

What Are Prescription Drug Coupons?

Prescription drug coupons are pieces of paper distributed and made available in many pharmacies. They consist of discount mechanics of how much you’re going to save when you use them. Typically, coupons are intended to help consumers save some money on purchasing their prescription drugs.

Traditional drug coupons are available in many drugstores and big-box stores. They are also distributed even by your physician. However, with technological innovation, prescription drug coupons are now available on your smartphone. They can be downloaded and presented to your local pharmacist when you purchase, just like the BuzzRX prescription discount cards.

Why Save And Use Them?

The simple answer is you can benefit from them. Avoid the thinking that prescription drug coupons are only for the thrifty. Think of it as a method for you to get the best and prescribed medicine for your condition without actually breaking the bank. If you’re on a routine medication, using discount coupons can save you the money you can use for other things or other personal expenses.

Furthermore, discount coupons are not only meant for non-insurance holders as they effectively work for everyone. For example, if you’re an insurance holder, you get to save your money for medication that isn’t covered with your insurance policy. This is crucial for the insurance holder as there are restrictions that your insurance puts in place, such as quantity limitations.

Benefits Of Prescription Drug Coupons

There are many benefits in using drug coupons, and here are some of them that you might enjoy experiencing:

They are absolutely free.

Prescription drug coupons are free, making them very attractive to every consumer, especially those who want to save every penny.

They are available everywhere, even online.

Another good thing about getting prescription drug coupons is that they are everywhere, and now, you can even get them online through your phone. Also, many pharmaceuticals offer this service, allowing you to choose which one you’re most comfortable using.

Drug coupons don’t expire.

This makes it even more attractive. Though, technically, drug coupons do expire every end of the year but get renewed each year. However, there are some cases that coupon programs are ended for good, and this happens when there’s an approved and similar generic alternative made available. This is one of the caveats in drug coupons.

Some Caveats That You Should Know

As mentioned above, drug coupons also have some caveats, and here are a few things that you should know about it.

Prescription drug coupons are available for prominent brand-name drugs.

You see, branded-drugs are expensive, which makes it difficult for patients or consumers to buy. But drug coupon programs make it possible to purchase them. However, if there’s a generic alternative that starts to circulate, the drug coupon program ends as well.

Some coupons don’t work with your insurance.

Yes, that’s the truth in using drug coupons. There is just some insurance policy that doesn’t permit the consumer to use both the insurance card and the coupon. So, technically, you need to choose which one’s going to save you more money.

Get Your Coupons From A Reliable Source

Some coupons don’t require login credentials, while others require you to create an account. This might sound a little technology tacky, but don’t go around inputting all your credentials to different unreliable sources to get a discount coupon. Always shop around and look for a reliable source before you start encoding sensitive information.

Health and medication history are very sensitive information, and you can’t just quickly provide that information to anyone on the Internet. An excellent place to start looking for discount coupon programs is in your physician’s office since your doctor may provide you one. If not, look for reliable and trusted sources.


Taking care of our health is one of the primary things that a person should handle responsibly. Even amid a financial crisis, one cannot take their health for granted. Fortunately, prescription drug coupons can be of help. It’s effective and working, and the best thing is that it lets you save some money. It may have some drawbacks, but drug coupons are there to provide relief and aid.

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