Spring and Summer Makeup Trends

It’s high time you said goodbye to those winter colours and welcomed the long-awaited spring with some trendy makeup tips. Not only will the latest fads help you achieve a unique, fresh look, but also a hot look for the upcoming summer. It’s all about creating a fusion of the extremes that makes these trends so appealing. From being edgy with the blue makeup on the eyes, going with glitter all the way, to the more soft and natural look, almost bare yet sexy.

Glitter All The Way!

Don’t let it scare you, glitter is your friend. A couple of years before, we wouldn’t be caught dead with it during the daytime. This doesn’t mean that glitter doesn’t work. It’s all about how you use it. It’s especially convenient for a night out. Some glitter on the eyelashes is a bold statement. Glitter nails are now followed by sparkly hands. It’s inevitable as a hair accessory. Go all the way by applying it to your face. If you still don’t feel the spark, then a subtle thin layer of iridescent cream on the forehead and cheeks will do the trick.

Glazed Skin Effect

After getting outrageous with the glitter, we are going to tone it down and take a look at the glazed skin trend that is taking the world by storm. Why is that so? Well, the glazed skin look is a simple, almost bare look, and above all a healthy look. The first step is to apply the highlighter on the parts of your face, then tap some serum or moisturiser, so as to get that healthy glow. Even Rihanna is digging the fresh look since this healthy natural look is the inspiration for her new makeup collection.

Lipstick Colour Battle

There has never been such a commotion about lipstick shades as there is today. Striking red or reddish shades are in this spring, without any apologies. There is no need for perfection. The outline of the applied lipstick is soft. Its edges are blended, almost blurred. Moreover, various palettes of colours are introduced for the summer. For example, Rihanna has had a good nose for trends. Unlike Kylie Jenner who prefers nude lipstick shades, Rihanna is playing with these colours, not limiting herself to just one choice, but experimenting with the hottest and the most outrageous shades. That’s what summer is all about.

Mighty Lashes

As already mentioned, the new fads are celebrating our natural look. Unfortunately, we are not all graced with long and seductive lashes, so looking naturally beautiful with eyelash extensions is not a big crime. There is a misconception that such beauty treatments provoke the loss of eyelashes. However, if applied correctly, there is no such danger. It’s easy to achieve volume with eyelash extensions such as Russian volume lashes since they are dense yet light, but not in any way harmful to your natural lashes. No matter the season, whether it be spring or summer, eyelashes are here to stay.

Blue As Your Eyes Can Be

Edgy blue makeup on the eyes! Is it extravagant or just playful? You decide! This particular look can go so wrong that it actually works, and with this lovely contrast, we finish our list. The blue eyeshadow is applied above the eyes, in its corners. Sometimes it’s followed by eyeliner, but it’s not indispensable. Again, rules are broken and you have the liberty to choose a defined shape, a cat eye, or make an impressionist form so as to blend its outline. Kim Kardashian is notorious for breaking the rules, that’s why she is trendy blue as she can be.

Fresh Like Spring, Hot Like Summer

The playfulness of these trends will help you create the fresh and hot look you’ve been seeking this season. Choose glazed skin and naturally looking eyelash extensions so as to emphasize your natural look. Along with it, you can play it safe with a nude lipstick shade, or experiment provocatively with the whole palette. Boldly, go to the extreme with the blue eyeshadow. A subtle or an outrageous use of glitter brings a whole new dimension to your look.

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