To Buy or Not to Buy: Are Latest Superfoods Truly Hype Worthy?

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Superfoods are having it rough lately. The latest research has shown that, in all actuality, antioxidants are not what they were cracked up to be. In addition, the content of your plate seems to be less important than the quantity of food and regular intervals of consumption, though a diverse and healthy diet is nevertheless crucial for a well-functioning body. Still, there has to be some merit to the ceaseless procession of superfoods that appear to hold all the answers to your health-related woes as they appear. They strut across the stage of the public spotlight, reveling in the lifestyle zeitgeist with confidence, but this doesn’t make the question any less pressing – are latest superfoods truly hype worthy?

Watermelon Seeds

Superfoods are often exotic, their names are composed of the most unbelievable strings of syllables and they can truly be an acquired taste. All too often we are ready to look beyond what’s naturally available in our surroundings in search of something new and revolutionary, and we forget to notice that the answer has always been right in front of our eyes. Watermelon seeds may sound like an answer you were looking for, and they might just become as popular as pumpkin seeds due to their recently discovered nutritious makeup.

It turns out they are packed with proteins, they are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, magnesium and a complex of B-vitamins. This makes them a rather welcome addition to your morning oatmeal mixture.

Hemp Based CBD Oil

The controversy surrounding the hemp-based products, more specifically CBD oil, seems to be waning. This very popular, completely natural product was thrust into the spotlight with feverish momentum due to its multifaceted applications that include pain and anxiety relief. Unfortunately, some misinformed individuals still conflate this product with certain derivatives of marijuana, and even though the plants CBD compound is extracted from shares the cannabinoid class with marijuana, they are vastly different products indeed. Accruing proper information and making a distinction between CBD and THC means a world of difference. As a superfood, this extract is simply a natural additive that is consumed in a specified (relatively small) dosage.

However, the market for CBD is not regulated well enough yet, so the quality and strength of the product can vary from supplier to supplier, in spite of what’s printed on the label.


In many ways, hyping up revolutionary discoveries in the nutritious quality of some new superfoods is excessive, simply because certain groceries have been ‘certified’ immunity boosters since times immemorial. Garlic, lemon, avocado, spinach, berries, eggs, legumes, turmeric, and green tea have been regular ingredients on the dining tables of many cultures across the globe, though some traditional consumables were not graced with a widespread appeal. Matcha is definitely an example of a superfood, or a super-beverage if you will, that deserves to be lauded for its nourishing power, and it has graced the courts of Chinese emperors since the seventh century, at the very least.

Matcha takes the form of a fine green powder that has been ground from specially cultivated and dried green tea leaves, though leaves of Camellia Sinensis can sometimes be added to the mixture for its energy-inducing properties (fresh leaves contain circa 4% caffeine). When mixed with hot water or milk, it creates a potent elixir that will serve as a strong metabolism booster and a stimulant that gives coffee a run for its money.


On paper, seaweed is a perfectly nourishing food that serves as a powerhouse of nutrients for those of that are required to follow a vegan diet. The problem comes not from the food itself, but from the unavoidable pollution of all sizeable bodies of water – which is also an issue with most foods grown in seawater. However, if the seaweed is cultivated in carefully controlled conditioned and monitored environments, it is an iodine-rich food that also contains vitamins A and C and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Dried seaweed snacks are especially popular right now.

Should you really trust the superfood hype? The problem emerges when something becomes so popular that any semblance of objectivity evaporates and facts blend with fiction. The superfood information you are exposed to probably has at least a kernel of truth to it, but pay attention to the tell-tale signs of exaggeration. A be-all-end-all cure doesn’t exist, but a balanced diet and a positive attitude incrementally add up to induce a profound metabolic effect, and this is a more reliable doctrine than anything a singular type of superfood can offer.

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