Tips And Tricks For Flawless Makeup Application

We’ve all struggled with some element of makeup application at one point or another; 2000s makeup trends are synonymous with embarrassment for many millennials. Remember orange unblended foundation, bronzer over-use, and bizarre eyeshadow trends?

While some of these trends can be associated with the era, others are plainly-put, incorrect product use, or faulty application techniques. Understandably, young millennials simply did not know how to use products correctly.

Fortunately, makeup trends have evolved over the years. With an abundance of professional makeup tutorials freely available, most makeup lovers are relatively in the know about makeup application steps and proper use. But even so, most of us encounter some common nagging application challenges, from instances of cakey and patchy foundation to eyeshadow that really doesn’t last and lipstick that just doesn’t look right. So, we’ve listed some valuable makeup application tips and hacks so you can eliminate common frustrations from your beauty routine.

Start With Skincare

One of the biggest makeup mistakes we make has nothing to do with makeup. Starting with skincare before even reaching for your cosmetic bag is essential.

If you apply your makeup without prepping your skin first, you might experience cakey or patchy foundation issues. In addition, foundation and eyeshadow products won’t last as long as they should and might ‘slide’ off your skin, especially if you have an oily skin type. If that’s not enough to convince you to start with skincare, not doing so can result in breakouts, as your skin won’t have any protective layers to prevent pores from becoming blocked by cosmetic products.

First, cleanse with a suitable cleanser product for your skin type. Next, gently exfoliate your skin and then apply a toner. Follow with your selection of serums, and then moisturize your skin. Allow each product to be fully absorbed before applying the next.

The Importance Of Priming Skin

Primer products emerged on the market, and beauty vloggers everywhere quickly noted the big difference this affordable product can make.

Not only will primer serve as a layer of skin protection, but your foundation will also blend better. Beyond that, pore size is massively minimized as this product smoothes the skin.

It’s also worthwhile to use an eye primer, as this single product will ensure your eyeshadow lasts longer. The primer gives the next layer of product something to stick to, so all your products will last substantially longer and look noticeably better for longer. Product application is enhanced with eye primer products regardless of which eyeshadow products you use. Even so, you should still invest in quality eyeshadow palettes that are good for your skin.

Discover Your Skin Type And Tone

The types of cosmetic products you use are just as important as how you use them and their quality. If your skin is classified as combination or oily and you use foundation products for normal skin types, you will probably be battling constant breakouts, a foundation that slides, and shiny skin. This is because oily skin needs a foundation product to control oil production and minimize shine.

On the other hand, if you have normal or dry skin and use foundation for oily skin, you will probably struggle with cakey and patchy foundation. So, be sure to determine your skin type and use cosmetic and skincare products that are suitable; you’ll notice a massive difference in skin appearance and makeup application.

Line Your Lips

Lipstick is one particular cosmetic product that has the power to elevate your look instantly. However, a pretty common issue experienced with lipstick applications is struggling to get crisp lines. If you don’t use a lip liner before applying lipstick, you’ll battle a lot with this issue.

Lip liner is crucial for perfect lipstick application. And if you struggle still, use lip liner guiding tools. Nevertheless, it’s best to line your lips slightly above your natural lip line or directly on your lip line.

While some lip look tutorials suggest lining lips much higher can give you a fuller look, this is only plausible for selfies or videos. Unfortunately, lining lips too high up is a visible application mistake in real life.

Quality Is Top Priority

We’ve all skimped on cosmetic product quality at some point in hopes that a cheaper product can deliver the same results. However, cheaper products of lousy quality typically block pores due to higher filler ingredient usage.

When shopping for cosmetic products, look for quality brands that showcase cruelty-free, organic, vegan, or eco-friendly elements. These types of products are typically best for skin health, animals are not harmed in the production process, and the planet’s future is considered. That’s more than enough reason to avoid inferior quality products.

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