5 Reasons How TMS Health Solutions Helps Their Patients through Innovative Therapy

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Clinical depression or major depressive disorder is a devastating medical condition that can easily bring your life to an end. Often, the first line of protection for this condition involves the use of antidepressant medication, although there are others who recommend that the patient talk with someone, e.g., a mental health professional, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

However, there is a big probability that these medications will not have any effect on your major depressive disorder. And in the event that your disorder is able to withstand the initial treatments mentioned here, the condition officially becomes known as TRD (treatment-resistant depression).

Contrary to public perception, TRD sufferers are quite common. And in many cases, you will find that close to fifty percent of all patients who are on anti-depressants will at some point fail to respond to this medication.

Not Everyone Can Take Antidepressants

In the event that your disorder fails to respond to the different antidepressant medications that have been prescribed to you, the doctor may opt to consider other treatment options. But the issue is that not many people today are willing to be subjected to a barrage of medications. And given the fact that the antidepressant medication will be ingested into your body by the digestive system, the accompanying side effects may be more harmful compared to the benefits accrued.

This, therefore, means that one needs to exercise patience if they are to get the right medication. However, there are some innovative therapies like transcranial magnetic stimulation which are non-invasive and don’t require medication. For anyone having trouble taking medication or suffering from TRD, this is a great method of treatment.

Difficulties Associated With Major Depressive Disorder

The condition can take on varying form, although the most common symptom associated with it is a lack of hope. The disorder is known to sap out all the energy that one needs for them to seek professional help. Getting the motivation and time needed to address the condition is often considered a key breakthrough for any person who rightly may believe that they have been undergoing clinical depression indicators for a period of more than fourteen days.

Use Of Unhealthy Approaches

Trying to overcome the symptoms associated with this condition as well as TRD is often considered a dangerous approach. If not properly checked, the major depressive disorder may leave you in a bad state of hopelessness which with time starts to feed into a spiteful cycle filled with anhedonia, shame, and guilt. If left alone, the sufferers often find themselves having to look for a temporary fix, which in many cases involves the use of unhealthy remedies.

Many patients find themselves indulging in harmful substances, e.g., alcohol and drug abuse. These fixes are short-term, and will with time pose a detrimental effect on your general wellbeing.

TMS Health Solutions At The Forefront Of Battling TRD

TMS Health Solutions has been overseeing an innovative therapy for the condition that is being referred to as TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation. Prevailing statistics indicate that about fifty to sixty percent of all TRD sufferers who have been subjected to this condition have noted an overall improvement in their general well-being. One of the biggest advantages of using this therapy is the fact that it is not invasive with each procedure taking between thirty to sixty minutes to administer.

Innovative Therapy From TMS Health As An Answer To TRD

TMS Health Solutions is currently taking a very comprehensive approach in administering the innovative therapy being used to treat TRD. TMS is being viewed as a foundation of the approach that is being employed by TMS Health Solutions.

However, the medical professionals at the company have also been actively working with their patients in a bid to come up with a winning combination that can be used to eliminate all the symptoms associated with the major depressive disorder.


In order to treat clinical depression, TMS Health Solutions is using a combination of different treatment plans that comprise its innovative- therapy, medication, and psychotherapy. With time, it is expected that a permanent solution will be found to help patients cope with TRD.

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