Top 10 Wellness Adventures To Do In Iceland

March in Iceland can be the coldest time of the year in the country. You can experience temperatures averaging around minus 2.2°C and the warmest would average around 3.3°C. During this time of year, it’s really important to keep warm by wearing a couple of layers of clothing. When travelling to Iceland, you can expect rough conditions, especially in March. Yet, despite the frigid weather, you can still have a one-of-a-kind travel wellness experience while in Iceland. Here are some of those wellness adventures to experience in Iceland.

Take A Dip In The Hot Springs

One thing that this Nordic country can be proud of is its natural hot springs. Some of the hot springs that are worth visiting are Reykjadalur Hot Spring River, Gamla Laugin and Seljavallalaug Hot Mountainside Pool to name a few. There has been scientific evidence to show that when you dip into a hot spring, it can help reduce any aches and stress that you are experiencing.  Taking a dip in a hot spring can also help blood circulation of the body and problems with the skin too.

Practice Your Sun Salutations

If hitting the hot springs is not your thing, there are other activities that you can try to do while in Iceland. You can practice you Sun salutations and other yoga poses with the different spas and other wellness studios found in the country. Not only do these places offer a warm place to practice your poses, but they also offer other services such as wellness spas and treatments. Talk about a two for one deal!

Hit The Slopes

Iceland is not exactly famous for downhill skiing as there are a few notable slopes and some may be not up to par with other renowned ski countries. But visitors can still experience and enjoy other forms of skiing such as cross country, ski mountaineering, etc. Some are some of the places in Iceland where you can practice your skiing are Bláfjöll Ski Resort, Dalvik Ski Resort. Be sure to check on the resort’s times and schedules before you hit the slopes!

Take A Hike In Iceland

Hiking is another physical activity that you can do while you are in Iceland. Most people might loathe going hiking in warmer climates as they would experience heat and bugs while doing so. But not in Iceland. Here you will only be faced with beautiful winter scenery and landscape, such as mountains and glaciers. You can trek to some of the country’s well-known trails are from Sólheimajökull located on the south coast of the country. Another place where you can experience glacier hiking is Svinafellsjökull. However, it is highly recommended to book in advance for this place.

Snorkel And Dive In March

As the weather gets better around this time of year, you can also include some snorkelling and diving activities in your Icelandic itinerary. Silfra fissure would be your best bet when it comes to diving and snorkelling. These underwater activities are enjoyed all year round and have attracted several enthusiasts from all over the globe. The fissure was a result when the tectonic plates found in the North American and Eurasian boundaries split. The water temperature averages around 2°C during this time of year. However just before you prepare or rent your snorkelling or diving gear, you would have to sign a waiver that covers your health conditions if you are over forty-five years old and above and for women, not pregnant or expecting.

Paddle Your Woes Away

If weather permits, you might enjoy a bit of gentle river rafting while you are in Iceland. It is one of the best activities where you can disconnect yourself from the world and just take in the scenery in each paddle you make. You can go kayaking in Jökulsárlón Glacial lagoon that just sits on the Vatnajökull National Park, located in the south-eastern part of the country. To top it all off, you get to do a moderately low impact outdoor activity while taking in the beautiful scenery.

Glamping In The Wilderness

Not only is glamping one of the fun things that you can do in Iceland, but it would certainly also save you some travel funds. It is an affordable alternative when finding accommodation here. With this, you find the perfect compromise of sleeping outdoors but without feeling the wintry chill. One of the best places for glamping would be the Fossatun Camping Pods located in the country’s western region. You can bring your sleeping bag or pay for a bed linen package at the facility.

Leisure Horseback Riding In Iceland

Another wellness adventure that you can take in Iceland is to horseback while exploring the country’s scenic outdoors. You get to connect with these four-legged animals when you go on a horse-riding expedition in the country. The horses found in Iceland have the same genealogy as those ridden by the Vikings in centuries long ago. They make a perfect companion when enjoying the leisurely outdoors.

Catch The Northern Lights

One of the things that you need to experience while in Iceland is to see the Northern Lights. It’s part of any traveller’s bucket list to see these natural wonders that the country has to offer. Seeing it for the first time can give you a sense of wonder at how amazing nature can be. Best yet, it gives you an overall sense of well-being when you see these natural wonders. The best place to view this? Try booking a boat tour to have an exclusive view.

Take A Snowmobile Ride

Another exhilarating, feel-good experience while in Iceland would be a snowmobile tour. These tours are often conducted on Langjökull glacier. It is just a thrilling experience riding through a snowmobile and riding across glaciers and snow.

Iceland has been known as the land of fire and ice due to its volcanoes and snow. Have a one of a kind wellness experience in Iceland in March with the different activities that the country has to offer.

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