The Top 3 Trends in Golf Shoes in 2017

It’s not surprising that golfers pay great attention to detail both on the course and in what they choose to wear and the equipment thy use. Some golfers prefer to stick to the traditional Jack Nicklaus dress code, whereas others wear clothing that is comfortable and simple, such as a pair of khaki pants and a collared shirt. Regardless of what you choose to wear on the course, it is important to wear shoes that provide comfort so that you can finish the 9 or 18 holes that you have committed to playing.

As there is such a wide variety of styles when it comes to golfers, this article will highlight some of the more recent trends in golf shoes.

Disc Closures Instead of Traditional Laces

Tying your shoelaces is something that you’ve likely been doing for decades. With this being said however, it could become a nuisance if you have to retie your shoes in the middle of your golf game. As a way to enhance the traditional golf shoe, some famous makers are offering disc closure systems instead of the regular shoe lace style. This look is clean and modern and makes it easy for the golfer to slip them on without having to pay any more attention to the shoe. Slip the shoe on and you’re free to head off and play a great game of golf with your buddies without the worry of having to stop and tie your shoes. Some of the best ecco golf shoes on the market today offer this feature.

Unique and Flashy Patterns

Choosing a pattern can draw great attention to you both on and off the golf course. Some shoe patterns keep it simple with stripes while others provide a faux leather or alligator look. For those who like to match their shoes to a unique outfit, patterned golf shoes offer great versatility. Not to mention, many are made with high quality materials that offer a comfortable feel. This is accomplished by using special memory foam technology that will form around your foot when walking, which provides great comfort and support to the wearer.

Traction Control Minus the Spikes

While many shoe manufacturers are offering spikes in an updated and modern look, many are choosing to offer shoes with traction control sans spikes. These shoes tend to be made with a rubber sole that provides great grip in a way that mimics the more traditional metal spikes.

Whether you are going for a sporty look or one that is slightly more flashy, there are a wide variety of shoes on the market that can provide the style you are looking for. By being aware of what is out there to buy, you can make a sound decision as to what will be best for you. If you play golf often, you may even consider investing in more than one pair, so that you can switch up your look depending on who you are golfing with and where.

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