Trends In Therapy In 2020

Therapy is a word that is familiar to many. It is the dialogue that many of us seek from professional therapists in order to deal with psychological problems. For some of us, therapy is a lifeline because when things get hard, there is nothing better than a conversation with someone who understands and is impartial.

It is a practice that was invented decades ago, but the difference between then and now is that today, therapy has evolved from what it used to be and has been tested by time. There is an array of new methods and techniques that offer assistance in this medical field. These new developments have been designed to meet the constantly changing needs that people have, as well as their attitudes. Therefore, today’s therapy is centered on providing help to people who do not necessarily fit into ‘traditional categories’- not the psychotics, but everyday normal people who may be troubled by day-to-day problems, such as relationships, finances, addiction, or depression.

The good news is that more people are willing to seek out therapy to cope with their underlying problems than ever before. Even better is the fact that the field of therapy has made new discoveries that will help in getting through to such people using different techniques.

Here are the best and newly emerging trends in therapy in 2020:

Drug Therapy Treatment For Substance Abuse Issues

Apart from rehabilitation centres, individuals who are suffering from severe substance abuse can also find help in therapy. To prevent relapse, therapists recommend techniques and the use of medication that will establish normal brain function.

Some examples of such techniques and medications include Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction, methane for opioid addiction, nicotine replacement therapies and topiramate for alcohol addiction. With these new ways, patients can enjoy a slow but sure recovery process. Granted, rehabilitation centres come with an array of benefits. However, there are some brilliant treatment methods that are only known to therapists. Therefore, they can be tremendously helpful in the recovery process.

Online Therapy

Statistics show that one in every five adults in the United States is battling some form of mental illness. However, the majority of them do not receive treatment, because they cannot afford the high costs (a therapy session is anywhere from $75 to $150 per session) or are scared of the stigma that comes with it. Thus, online therapy is a new trend that has been invented to ensure that everyone can access therapy at their convenience, no matter where they are.

It is not only a convenient method, but it is also one that is affordable and stigma-free. This includes video chatting, voice messaging and texting. These methods of communication facilitate the therapy session between licensed therapists and their clients. Online therapy is best for those who want to maintain their privacy as they do not want to be seen in a therapist’s office.

Enjoying an increase in popularity, this method of treatment allows therapists to supplement their income by seeing more clients. Also, a majority of clients love video chatting because they do not have to commute to a therapist’s office. Companies like Talkspace are advancing this kind of therapy technology so that clients can feel comfortable receiving the help that they need.

Collaborative Efforts Between Doctors, Therapists, And Other Mental Health Professionals

In the past, therapists could work alone. They would wait for those who felt like they needed help and see them individually. However, in recent years, things have changed. Even though medical and mental health issues are connected, it was rare for doctors and therapists to communicate about a patient, but this has become the norm today.

As a general physician may not necessarily know about Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction, a therapist does. Therefore, when an addict is referred to a doctor because of unexplained symptoms, the doctor then refers them to a therapist or other mental health professionals for long term solutions. Today, a majority of primary care facilities are integrating their treatments with therapy.

Bottom Line

With new trends like Ibogaine therapy for drug addiction and online therapy, the world for therapy as we know it is about to change. It is important to understand that therapy is often an effective method of treatment for the things that we go through in life. While it may not necessarily change situations or take your pain away, it gives us a better and clear understanding of situations and of ourselves as individuals.

Clearly, the approaches in therapy have tremendously changed in the last few years, and only for the better. Remember, therapy is a process, not an event. It is time to go out with the old thinking of what therapy used to be and embrace the new thinking of what it is.

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