Wedding Hashers Review – Personalised Hashtags For Your Special Day

I have been happily married for 15 years now, but I can still remember my wedding day like it was yesterday. Momentous occasions like this need to be celebrated properly in my opinion – go big or go home I say. Organising your wedding is possibly the biggest project you’ll ever take on in your lifetime. And I know from my own experience I wanted everything to be perfect, which involved a lot of scrapbooking, lists, planning, and maybe a few hissy fits along the way.

Something recently dropped onto my radar that I know I would have absolutely loved to have included on my special day – personalised wedding hashtags. Yuh huh you heard me, Wedding Hashers offer a unique wedding hashtag service to fully personalise your whole wedding journey. From the “she said yes” announcement, through to the “I do” moment a wedding hashtag can capture every teeny tiny aspect of your day and help you remember it for years to come. And with that in mind I’m going to explore this concept in more detail and tell you all about what Wedding Hashers has to offer.

How Does Wedding Hashers Work?

So basically, Wedding Hashers will come up with some cool wedding hashtag ideas that are specifically created for you. But of course, they don’t actually know you, which means in the first instance they’ll need to get a few details. The more you tell them, the more they have to work with. It’s all done online on their website, so super simple. You just follow the instructions on screen, inputting details such as you and your partner’s names, where you met, your interests, a few wedding details like date, venue etc. then they go away and come up with some awesome customized hashtags, which get sent to your inbox the next business day.

They’ll cater for special requests, take on board any pet names you might have for one another, make them cheeky/funny/cute/simple/serious you name it and they’ll try and work it in for you. Like I said, the more you give them, the more creative they can get.

OK, But Why Do I Need A Wedding Hashtag?

Good question. Well listen, nobody needs a wedding hashtag sure, but if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and give your wedding the full-on wow factor, then arguably you really do NEED a wedding hashtag!

Let me help you out here a bit and explain why a wedding hashtag is of benefit:

  • It looks cool – Let’s not beat around the bush here, a wedding hashtag is like über bang on trend cool.
  • It’s fun – It’ll get your guests smiling… and that means great photos!
  • It’s quirky – Do you know anyone else that’s got their very own wedding hashtag? Well, you did want your wedding day to stand out right, and a wedding hashtag will certainly make your day a talking point.
  • It makes sharing pictures easier – These days most people share their pictures via social media, and so having a hashtag that you and your guests can collectively share will help you group together everyone’s images from your special day.
  • It creates hype – A wedding hashtag allows the celebrations and build up to start early. You’re excited about your big day, let’s make everyone else just as excited by getting them talking and wondering.
  • It makes a connection – Your wedding hashtag will essentially become the slogan for your marriage, this will connect you to this day forever.

What Can I Use It For?

Oh my goodness you can use a wedding hashtag for soooooo many things! And don’t go thinking it needs to be saved for the big day itself. Oh no siree. To fully get the most out of your hashtag I suggest you milk it for all it’s worth and use it on everything. From the hen and stag parties, save the date cards, invites, wedding photo book, wedding favours, napkins, table displays, seating plans, balloons, cake toppers…everything I tell you!

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

You weren’t expecting to get this for free were you? As a content writer myself, I know just how frustrating it is when people expect your time, effort and words to come for free. This is a service, like any other service, and so yes of course there is a fee. But honestly in the grand scheme of what you’re about to fork out for on a wedding, this small charge pales into insignificance. And like I said at the beginning of this article, go big or go home. You’re only going to do this once (well, let’s hope so right!?!) so let’s make it as amazing a day as possible.

Wedding Hashers offer 3 different packages:

  1. $25 for 3 hashtags
  2. $35 for 5 hashtags
  3. $80 for 12 hashtags

Choose from one, have a couple, hey use them all if you like, but once you’ve got them, they’re yours to do with as you please. No stress, no bother, money well spent in my opinion.

Could I Not Just Make Up a Hashtag Myself?

Well, I mean you could, it just all depends how creative you are. But really what with everything else going on don’t you think you’ve got enough on your plate?

But yeah, of course you could sit down and thrash out some ideas. In fact, Wedding Hashers even offer a free wedding hashtag generator on their site, which is great for dishing out generic hashtags and for providing a bit of inspo. But there’s only so much creative input a free generator is going to give you, whereas Wedding Hashers have a pool of writers who are wedding industry experts – they really know their stuff. Pass on all your deets and leave them to do the creative stuff while you concentrate on the more pressing issues of what flowers to choose and what colour your bridesmaids’ dresses should be. Delegation is the word here, so have faith in the process, and trust the writers, they know what they’re doing (you can check out some reviews on their website, if you’re still twitchy about it).

I hope this has helped enlighten you in the benefits of using a wedding hashtag on your special day. Your wedding day is a chance to create the happiest of memories and a lasting connection and what better way to do that than by creating a unique and personal symbol that by its very definition means connection.

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