What Kind Of Products Can You Buy From Delaware Dispensaries?

Currently, there are only four dispensaries open in Delaware. Doesn’t seem a lot, right? But given that there are only four to cater to Delaware medical marijuana patients, these dispensaries are packed with the products that will leave patients fulfilled and wanting for more.

Since marijuana was legalized in the state, the state has been so slow with the number of dispensaries, but that won’t hinder the best products from being given to those who need them. Here, we’re going to look at what these dispensaries sell and which ones are the best.

Dispensaries in Delaware

Before diving into what products are being sold by the four dispensaries, let’s explore what these dispensaries are. The first dispensaries to open were from First State Compassion Center. The company has two locations one in Wilmington and one in Lewes.

The next dispensary to open was Columbia Care back in 2018, with a vision to provide products to patients because they believe the supply was lacking, in both quantity and variety. True enough, they offer diversity that will provide patients with more options for marijuana products.

The dispensary that just opened in Newark is the first to open in the area and the latest to open is the Compassion Care Research Institute dispensary which also has branches in states like New Jersey and Maryland.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s now go onto the best part – the products being sold.

Products Being Sold

There are a variety of products being sold depending on which dispensary you head to. Let’s break them down into several categories:


The flower is the most common kind of product being sold wherever you go and you can easily find this in the state’s dispensaries. You can also start your own business out of your personal interest by getting a Delaware LLC.

Whether you go to Columbia Care, Compassion Care, or First State Compassion, you just simply need to ask and you shall receive what you are looking for.


Concentrates are also starting to gain popularity because they’re so potent and the patients feel the effects immediately, no need for long waiting times.

Columbia Care sells about 8 kinds of concentrates to choose from. The other dispensaries also sell concentrates but you need to visit the store or website itself to know what kinds are being sold.

CBD Edibles

Edibles are changing the game in the state and the best way to try it out is through edibles. These CBD gummies aren’t just a hit in the state but also in every other state too.

You can also buy soft gels filled with CBD to soothe any pain you feel with your condition. The supplier of these gummies are JB Naturals which also have other products they offer in Newark.


You can also find CBD oil from JB Naturals in Newark. These products are guaranteed to be high-quality and won’t leave you feeling disappointed. These are great for any health condition if you start using it.


Pre-rolls are also being sold in this state, so no need to fuss about rolling a joint of your own. If you just want to stop by and browse your options, feel free to do so.

The categories might be few, but the products being sold under each category will blow your mind. Don’t underestimate these categories because patients become patrons after their first try of the products.

Best Products in Delaware

With quite a list of products available in the state, let’s now look into which products are considered the best in the state. Warning, lots of people might already know about this so prepare to fight for that certain product.

Harlequin OG

This is a famous strain not just in DE but also in other states. This has a combination of OG Kush and Columbia Gold which are two of the best strains ever created. This strain guarantees to make whoever smokes it happy and relaxed. Some patients use it to treat pain, anxiety, depression, and inflammation. If you pay close attention, you’ll easily catch sniffs of mango.

Sour Diesel Concentrate

Here’s another famous concentrate you can purchase to treat your headache and your stress with. This is not the best for those who don’t want to smell anything related to diesel however, hence the name. The effects it gives to users can be dreamy and cerebral effects that will leave them feeling relaxed and stress-free.

Bubble Gum

If you want to smoke during the day and feel energized, this is the product for you. It’s popularly known for its “Bazooka Joe” aroma. It delivers euphoric and elevating feelings that will leave you contented all day. This is mostly used to treat anxiety and depression.

Despite only having four dispensaries in the state, the products are of high-quality and will meet the needs of the patients. Just find the best dispensary for you and look up the products mentioned. Who knows, they may easily become your staples.

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