What You Might Have To Expect When Heading Back To Work

There is no denying that we have all had a very strange year. So much so that you may have had no choice but to work from home. That in itself may have been strange, with meetings now done over Zoom and you needing to digitally communicate much more than you might have done before. However, as things are starting to look brighter and with vaccines being distributed, you may be thinking about heading back to work. However, the workplace may be a little different. Here are some of the things you might have to expect when heading back to work.

Face Masks Inside

One of the most obvious things that you might need to consider is needing to wear a face mask inside. This might be especially important if you are in small and enclosed spaces where social distancing might be hard. Such as in a meeting room or conference. Face masks might be the best option so that certain aspects of your work can carry on as normal.

Regular Covid-19 Tests

Another thing that you might have to consider doing is regular covid-19 testing. This is rapid testing that could help identify if you are positive and not showing any symptoms or signs of the virus. It can help you and the workplace continue to work within safe proximity. People such as Alan Miller and Genesis Diagnostics have developed a test that your workplace may want to use. It may take a bit of getting used to, but it could give you the assurances you need for heading back to work.

Social Distancing 

The term social distancing may not have meant much to you twelve months ago, but it is a prominent thing in society right now and your workplace will need to adhere to the rules when there is more that one person around. It might mean that you move your desk so that there is enough space between you and your work colleagues, or keep to one way systems in and out of your workplace building to minimise people crossing paths.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Keeping the virus at bay is key, and sanitizing your hands regularly can help to kill the virus and stop the spread. Whether you choose to wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer it can help to keep you safe. We can all touch door handles or things that may have been handled by someone else, so keeping hand sanitizer to hand, even in work, can help you to do your bit.

Flexible Working

Last of all, flexible working may still be on the cards. Your workplace might need to limit the amount of people in the office, which might mean you working from home a portion of the week. This could work in your favour and give you the flexibility of working you have wanted. Especially if you have a good set up for work at home.

Let’s hope that by sharing these things it will help you to know what to expect when heading back to work.

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