4 Ways To Help A Teenage Friend

As friends, you are obligated to help, guide, and keep each other safe. In your teen years, there are a lot of changes and exposure to new vices. The vices can be good, but honestly, most of the vices that teens pick up are quite risky, for instance, drug use. Everyone goes through a stage in life where they think that experimentation is not harmful. It is normal to explore, but too much of it can mess up anyone. Drug abuse can be worsened by peer pressure. As a good friend, ensure your influence is productive. You also have to watch out not to end up being the one who is influenced.

If you have a friend who is heading down the wrong path, then it is up to you to help him or her change. This article will highlight some of the ways you can help your teenage friend.

Convince Them To Attend A Rehab Program

Drug use and addiction can destroy your friend’s life, both physically and emotionally. A rehabilitation program will help, but they have to decide this on their own. It will be hard for them to make this decision, so you must convince them. It can be terrifying to confront your friend about this, so you need to prepare for it. For instance, you could start  by researching  teen drug abuse situations and the various forms of treatment available. This will give you the information you need to support this cause. Look for a program that can help your friend by offering to counsel and support them. After this, come up with a plan on how to approach them. You can ask their friends or family to be part of the intervention. When you are ready, you can then confront them about their problems. Make sure you stay on track. Let them know you are concerned. Convince him or her without judgment.

Be There And Support Your Friend

The best thing you can do for your friend is to be there when he or she needs company or someone to confide in. Letting them know that you are there for them and showing them your support when they need it shows them there is someone who cares. One of the factors that lead to drug abuse is the lack of meaningful social interaction. Even when your friend is in rehab, it is good to communicate and visit them.

Listen To Them

When your friend offloads to you, make sure you listen without distraction. Let them talk as you listen and only chip in when needed; talk less. If you want to help your teenage friend, then empathy is a virtue. However, offer advice only when needed and reserve judgment. If your friend trusts you enough to open up their deepest emotions, you must listen.

Don’t Enable Their Addiction

There is a difference between helping an addict and enabling their addiction. Please do not give them money when they ask, even when they beg for it. At times, they can even trick you into giving them the cash. Please do not give them any. A good friend would rather come across as mean than fund their addiction further.

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