5 Advantages Of Choosing Adoption Over Abortion

According to UMassMedNow, as of 2011, almost 50% of pregnancies in the U.S. were unplanned. If you find yourself unexpectedly carrying, you may be considering your options. Abortion is probably one of the main ones running through your mind right now. Many women (one in every four according to UMassMedNow) choose it for a number of reasons (health, conception trauma, emotional pain, etcetera), but end up regretting it. There is actually a process called abortion pill reversal where the body is flooded with progesterone to try and undo the effects of the abortion medication, which operates by keeping the mother’s system from absorbing the chemical. It has the best chances of success if done within 24 hours of taking the first abortion pill. If you do not like the idea of abortion or begin the procedure and then change your mind and get it nullified but do not want to or simply cannot keep the baby, adoption is a viable alternative that comes with many benefits.

1. The Lightening Of Financial Worries

Abortion can come with a hefty price tag, especially if you do not have health insurance. Pregnancy can be pricey too, with the cost of medical treatments, medicines, tests and maternity clothes. However, in many cases, the parents wanting to adopt your baby may cover some of the related expenses (this is not the same as accepting money for giving up your baby β€” that is illegal in all states and should be avoided). Some adoption agencies may also provide a measure of financial support, and you may qualify for other assistance. Putting up your child for adoption is also a completely free process.

2. The Possible Brightening Of Your Baby’s Future

One of the major upsides of giving up your child is the knowledge that you have given him or her the chance for a better future. You have granted him or her access to a world of opportunities and the ability to reach his or her full potential, neither of which is possible if the baby no longer exists.

3. The Satisfying Contribution To Another Person’s Dreams

By choosing adoption, you are also helping others fulfill their dreams. You are granting someone’s wish to become a parent.

4. The Availability Of More Choices

There are simply more choices with adoption. With abortion, once the process is complete, there is no going back (note that after a time, reversal is no longer viable). With adoption, you can change your mind during pregnancy and decide to keep your baby. You can also choose between a completely closed adoption or an open one.

5. The Sense Of Greater Control

You control many of the aspects of the adoption. You can choose the hospital you go to. You can choose who you want your offspring to be adopted by. You can choose the level of contact you want to maintain with your child. As long as you follow the appropriate regulations, you have a lot of freedom and flexibility to make decisions.

Adoption is not the correct choice for everyone. However, it does come with many advantages that you may want to consider as you review the possible paths set before you.

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