Here Are 8 Unusual Uses Of Olive Oil In Ways You Didn’t Know

Olive oil is slowly paving its way into the diversified culinary circuit, due to its distinctive health benefits. It is one of the most loved oils in some parts of the world.Β From the Mediterranean region to the remotest parts of Europe and North America, olive oil has ruled the kitchen and even dominated the cosmetic world.

So far, you, too, must have used that bottle of olive oil to make a delicious salad dressing or drizzle on roasted veggies and chicken. You may have even included the best olive oil in your beauty routine.

But do you know that the same oil can be used in numerous ways?

Your healthy olive oil also deserves a lot of praise since it can be also be placed in your medicine kit, can be used for home remedies, and also for beauty routines.

Let us have a look at some unusual ways that this type of oil can be used for improving and easing your lifestyle!

Protection Of Ear

It’s only after that wax in your ear builds up that you realize the importance of healthy, clean ears. It’s extra annoying when you have to deal with hearing issues as a result.

Using olive oil as a remedy for ear infections is definitely something we should learn from the Greeks! This age-old cure works wonderfully to alleviate earaches and infections, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties.

To rinse out the infection, put a few drops of clean oil in both ears regularly. Lie down on a towel for a few minutes for tremendous relief.

For Swimmer’s ear, applying a few drops of oil in both ears before jumping inside the pool can keep ear infections and irritations at bay.

Protect Your Baby From Diaper Rash

As mentioned earlier, olive oil can serve as a moisturizer and also safeguards against inflammation and bacterial infections. It’s an all-natural remedy for diaper rashes and is completely safe for your infant.

The ointment is easy to make: just add one teaspoon of oil with two teaspoons of water. Apply this creamy mixture on your baby’s rashes and skin irritation and let it dry completely.

Lessen Those Stretch Marks

We live in a world now where stretch marks are considered natural – everyone develops them at some point or the other, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Yet, for those of us that wish to get rid of the scars, expensive anti-stretch mark oils and creams may turn out to be a waste of money and time.

To get better results, you can instead apply olive oil regularly on those stretch marked areas. The presence of vitamin E and antioxidants helps your skin heal at a faster speed.

Perfect Substitute For Shaving Cream

You may find that your shaving cream does not give your skin the smoothness it claims to offer. You can simply swap your expensive shaving cream for olive oil to enjoy a smooth and safe shaving experience!

Olive oil makes the surface of your skin smooth for the shaving blades to glide over with ease, thus making this staple food in Mediterranean cuisine one of the best shaving cream alternatives in the world.

Besides being naturally smooth, this type of oil is known for its hydrating characteristics that protect the skin barrier. Thus, your skin will become soft and supple with every shave.

Plus, while the foam in shaving creams can often hide body hairs, oil is a clear liquid that will help you spot even the tiniest of hairs, allowing for a clean finish.

Use It To Polish Your Furniture

Your wooden furniture may have lost its lustrous look with time. You can restore its lost luster by whipping up some homemade furniture polish, which is far better than those commercial brands.

Just add 2 portions of olive oil with one portion of lemon juice. Add the mixture in a neat spray bottle. Shake it well and spray on those parts of furniture.

Leave the application for nearly two minutes and wipe it off with a cloth or towel. You’ll notice that your furniture looks as good as new!

Add Olive Oil To Your Bath

It’s odd to think that bathing in olive oil was the ultimate luxury in Ancient Greece and Rome. But then again, it worked wonders for their skin!

You, too, can relive the pleasant self-indulgence of this traditional Mediterranean beauty hack by adding some of it to your next bath.

Simply add four to five tablespoons of extra virgin oil into your bathtub for a rejuvenating bathing experience.

But before you consider olive oil as a part of your regular beauty regime, run a patch test to see if it suits your skin.

Remedy To Your Sore Throat

Olive oil is a kind of magic for sore throats. Mix olive oil with essential oils like eucalyptus, rosemary, or lavender and massage topically on the throat.

Massage slowly and gently and let the anti-inflammatory oil seep in to eliminate pain. The gentle massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage system.

Helps Kill Head Lice

Olive oil can be the most effective and natural remedial alternative to relieve someone from head lice.

Apply the olive oil evenly over the head and work it through the hair. Cover your hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap. Cover the wrapped hair with a towel and leave the entire treatment on overnight.

Comb your hair with a metal comb in the morning and remove as many lice eggs or nits as possible. Shampoo your hair thoroughly. Continue the treatment for several nights until all the nits get removed.

In Closing

Among all the types of olive oils, you can reap extra virgin olive oil benefits in numerous ways. It is the best, less expensive, and natural remedy to cure your routine problems.

Be it an elixir that enhances your skin or a remedy that quickly resolves ailments, olive oil is an effective, reliable, and readily available cure for it all.

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