Top Things To Remember In Your Hand Luggage Next Time You Fly

While it might seem a way off now, travel will start again in the future, and what better way to get ready for it than to plan ahead? This year has been a strange one, and while many of us would have spent plenty of weekends jetting off to sunnier climes, it was not to be. A relaxing vacation currently feels little more than a pipe dream, with nothing more than the thought of the sand between our toes and sea spray in the air to keep us going. If you are planning your next trip abroad, whether it be in a few months, weeks, or even the end of next year, there are a few things you need to remember. You have no excuse not to be organized, so to ensure you have the most comfortable flight possible, remember to pack these things into your hand luggage the next time you fly.

1. Your Own Snacks

Let’s face it, airplane food isn’t that great, and depending on where you are flying, you could end up eating some strange meals at very odd times. It is better to pack some healthy and nutritious snacks that you will enjoy rather than wait for them to wheel their food out. Not only could you end up missing it if you are asleep, but you also might end up waiting for it, only to be disappointed. If you suddenly remember you need snacks when you are at the airport, you will end up paying a premium for something you could have picked up nearer to home.

2. Comfortable Clothing

Flights are not the most relaxing thing, which is why it is important that you dress for optimum comfort. You are often squashed into a small space, and the temperatures can be not to your liking. If you are flying from somewhere hot, you will want to pack some warm clothes in your bag, and if you know you are heading somewhere cold, don’t forget to pack plenty of extra layers. The air con on a plane can also sometimes be very cold and leave you uncomfortable if you don’t bring trousers or a jumper with you. For extra comfort, buy compression socks online before you go and wear these to aid blood flow in your legs and feet.

3. Entertainment 

There is nothing worse than being on a flight with nothing to do. Don’t forget to bring entertainment with you, such as an iPad, a kindle or some headphones so you can listen to music or watch a film. Be sure to download some movies and music ahead of time as there’s nothing like the disappointment of taking off, and finding out your device is rendered pretty much useless!

These are just a few things to remember in your hand luggage next time you fly. Be sure to check out each individual airline’s restrictions before flying as they all have different rules. Some judge, your hand luggage by weight and some by size, so ensure you don’t have to pay a fine if you get it wrong.

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