5 Simple Body Positive Habits You Should Adopt

The body positivity movement is stronger than ever. We have learned to embrace all our “flaws”, work on them, change what we don’t like, and accept what we can’t. The whole talk about this should start from some of the simplest habits you should adopt that will ultimately lead you to a body-positive attitude. So, stick with us to find out how you can do it.

Get A New Perspective On Working Out

Sometimes, we start feeling the pressure from social media really hard. The perfect bodies, muscular legs, big booties and firm abs are what we all aspire to get. Whatever the reason you have for starting a fitness routine, you should be proud of yourself because you are doing something good for your health. However, to be able to truly achieve that body-positivity mindset, you should try to change your perspective. Work out because it makes you feel good, it helps you reach your goals, it makes you motivated, strong, and happy. And let the results be a positive side effect of the whole process.

Update Your Wardrobe

Another thing that is commonly talked about when it comes to body positivity is clothes. Plus size is a phenomenon that enabled all the curvy girls out there to feel good and confident and, what is more important, to find cute clothes that fit them. This is why we are sure you will be able to find trendy clothes that will make your insecurities go away. Start with sexy plus size lingerie that will awaken the feminine goddess inside you. Even if no one sees it, it will make you feel empowered. When it comes to clothes, don’t shy away from tight designs, wear pencil skirts, high-waisted jeans, tank tops and crop tops, embrace your curves and be happy you have them, because they will never go out of style.

Educate Yourself

Most schools don’t teach you about body positivity and the whole philosophy behind it. This is why reading about it, talking to people, sharing experiences and even finding role models can help. It’s in our nature to try to fit in and be a part of a group, which can make you feel insecure when you are not the typical model type. However, you should always try to find things that you like about yourself, even if it is just one thing. Then, after a month, find another one, and in a while, you will love your whole body. Another good tip is to find books that will teach you about body-positivity, show you a different perspective, and maybe even the psychological aspect of it.

Put Social Media To Good Use

The body positivity movement has become a thing precisely because of social media. It is quite contradictory, considering how this is the exact same reason why so many girls feel insecure. However, putting social media to good use can help you deal with this problem. Start from following accounts that will inspire you and have motivational or just supportive messages. You don’t have to be as engaged in sharing your story, but to some, this can be an option as well. It will certainly show you how many people support you, think like you, and are like you. Some of them can motivate you to work out and start a new diet, others to never give up.

Have Some Much-Needed Me-Time

We are bound to feel overwhelmed at one point, which is why taking care of our body and mind together is important. There are no right answers here as everything you like to do can help. Some like to get pampered and get massages, facials, or go shopping and it makes them feel good. Others like to spend time with friends and surround themselves with positive energy. And some like to be alone, meditate, concentrate on the relationship between their body and mind, and try to reach a balance. All are perfect ways to have a more positive attitude, ultimately leading to truly becoming a part of the body-positivity movement.

You don’t have to change who you are or renounce many things you like to be happy with your body. Being ok with where you are, but being open to changing it by learning, exercising and experimenting with style is more than enough to get you started.

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