5 Smart Small-Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Motivate You To Cook

Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford a huge house with a big magazine-worthy kitchen. Most of us live in large cities, perhaps in small studio apartments with only enough space for us to pop something in the microwave and be on our way.

But when it comes to kitchens it doesn’t always mean that bigger is better. Smaller kitchens are actually more manageable and are more efficient workspaces than larger ones. Besides, good design and space aren’t just exclusive to large kitchens.

This article includes plenty of attractive decorative ideas that’ll make your small kitchen look just as amazing as the big ones and will inspire and motivate you to cook delicious home-cooked meals, without the exclusive use of a microwave!

1.   Cooking Tool Wall Storage

You’ll find that some of the busiest restaurant kitchens around the world use industrial hardware and racks for utensil storage. You can definitely get inspiration from something like this.

Here are some good ideas for how you can store tools and utensils on the wall:

  • Paint and hang a pegboard and then use it to hang your kitchen tools. You can keep the items organised by colour or use.
  • Hang up racks for utensils. It could be just a simple bar with some hooks that enable you to hold tools with a hole or a loop in them. There are also baskets that you can hang on the rack to hold smaller items.
  • Use wall magnets to store spice jars and knives.

2.   Pot Racks

Although most small kitchens don’t have the space required for large, rectangular pot racks, there are still options for smaller spaces. Not all pot racks  need to be hung from the ceiling, as some of them can be wall-mounted and these are great for the smaller kitchen space.

3.   See If You Have Storage That Can Be Pulled Out Of Hiding

A small kitchen can be a convenient place to store small tables and chairs whenever you need it to. For instance, if you’re cooking a large dinner and need extra space to cook, why not just pull out a cutting board? For the moments when you don’t need as much space, it can easily be hidden underneath and can make your kitchen feel larger and less cluttered by comparison. There are lots of hidden spaces that can be utilized in a small kitchen, you  just need to get smart.

4.   Make Magnets Your New Best Friends

If you can stick your tools to a wall, your problems are solved. We’re talking about storing knives, spices, and more. Basically, anything that can stick to a magnet can be easily stored anywhere you have extra space whether it be on the wall, inside a cabinet or inside your pantry.

5.   More Counter Space

If you have always wanted to create a contemporary kitchen space, bear in mind that minimalism is one of the most important design elements, to ensure your kitchen looks uncluttered. Not only will this give your kitchen a modern look, but it also increases the amount of counter area you have, making it easier for you to prep and cook. The first step in getting this right is to put away all small appliances and countertop items, for example compact size water softeners, which can be found on this secure aqua blog.

Other ideas to increase counter space include:

  • A cooktop cover – If  you have a gas range, you can buy a cover for it so that you can safely work on your stove when it isn’t in use. You can find some covers like wood butcher block surfaces.
  • A low-profile ceramic cooktop – The electric cooktops of today are both modern and sleek. They come with the added benefit of almost being flush with counters, allowing you to place a cutting board or other items on it when not in use.
  • A rolling butcher cart or block as additional counter space –  Purchase one that comes with wheels, or you can add a set yourself so you can wheel it out of the way when it isn’t in use. You can also add a bunch of simple stools to your rolling butcher block for an instant breakfast bar.

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