5 Vacations That Will Make You a Happier and Healthier Person

Traveling can make you happier and healthier and can help you break the routine and recharge your batteries. For some, the best escape from the busy stressful city life is booking a hotel near the beach and simply turning off mentally. Then there are others who need a bit more action on their vacation, the ones who feel the need to contribute. If you are an adventure-seeker ready to start a life-changing journey, here are some destinations where you can travel to and change your life for the better.

Immerse Yourself In The Wilderness

Instead of lying on the beach, choose a vacation filled with adrenaline – track wildlife in Africa. That way not only will you will learn more about nature and animals, but you will also play a big role in conservation. It is very important to remind yourself every once in a while how important it is to immerse yourself in the wilderness so that you can truly appreciate your life. As a volunteer, learn how to track animals at a private Big Five game reserve, explore amazing nature and stunning attractions, and you discover these magical and memorable places. This is a perfect option for nature-lovers who want to help preserve the wildlife.

Let The Spirituality Inspire You

Start your adventure in Bhutan and Nepal and reconnect with nature on this spiritual journey. Wander through the magical scenery of subtropical forests, take a glimpse at the diverse wildlife and experience firsthand the life of natives. Learn more about each country’s Buddhist and Hindu heritage, explore Kathmandu and Bhutan temples and peaceful monasteries and let the spirituality inspire you! Become at one with nature and forget all about the hustle and bustle of city life. You will certainly reconnect with yourself all over again!

Active Vacation For Nature Lovers

Make your vacation active by engaging in a several days walk on the Larapinta trail. Learn more about nature, wildlife and the indigenous people of the amazing land down under. Stay active on the glorious Larapinta trail where you will have the chance to learn how to deal with everyday challenges on a 5-day route that you are absolutely going to love. You could make the most of your stay by combining a walking vacation with an amazing helicopter flight to see the Larapinta from the air and let the view inspire you to help preserve nature. Become as one with your surroundings and reconnect with the flora and fauna of magical Australia.

A Journey Into Introspection

Find inspiration in Japanese culture and learn to appreciate the subtle life. Strive to achieve the moderate, balanced lifestyle and start your walking journey through the terraced rice fields near Osaka. Explore the numerous historic temples and let the land of stunning beauty astound you. Tread through rural villages to learn a calmer lifestyle. Practice meditation with monks and completely focus on your inner self – on finding your own peace of mind. Experience the tea ceremony in a traditional tea house and listen and observe your hosts to learn it for yourself. Let this journey be all about peace and tranquillity, working on strengthening the connection with your inner self, a journey into introspection for your wellbeing.

An Emotional Journey

Discover authentic culture during your stay on Amantani Island, learn from the Andean wisdom and find healing by exploring mesmerizing Peru. Use this journey as your personal pilgrimage to explore your own spirituality and revive it; wander through sacred sites and temples in Cusco and focus on your faith. Learn to grow from every experience (positive and negative) and see how to deal with all those bumps in the road while exploring the wonderful Machu Picchu. Raise your adrenalin with an aerial flight over the Nazca Lines and let the breathtaking views take over your emotions.

These wonderful destinations have a lot to offer to everyone who wants to do something meaningful or different on their vacation. Every new experience makes us more confident, teaches us to be stronger and gives us more energy for going back to reality. Find inspiration in faraway countries and do something that will help you change your life for the better.

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