How To Make Sure Your Relationship Is Always A Happy And Healthy One

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No relationship is perfect – but that’s what makes them even more unique and beautiful. However, that’s not to say they don’t require work and commitment to keep them happy and healthy. But what exactly goes into keeping your happy relationship on the right track?

We take a look below:

Keep Communicating

Despite this being such an obvious point, it is also one of the most fundamental ones. Communication is vital to understanding each other’s wants and needs – and even though it may induce the odd argument or two, it does help clear the air.

For example, if you’re forever wondering whether your partner will ask you to marry him, you’ll feel frustrated and concerned every time he doesn’t. But if you’ve talked honestly and openly about this, you’ll both know each other’s expectations and won’t be second-guessing each other all the time. (You’ll find some great engagement rings at F Hinds if you are looking, by the way! #justsaying).

Be A Team And Switch Things Up

You’ll naturally adopt his and hers roles (and these might not be those traditional blue and pink jobs!). But don’t take it for granted that the person who does the cooking will do it all the time.

Instead, try to share out your responsibilities and jobs so everything feels equal and no one feels as though they’re taking the brunt of everything.

And, to keep things a little more interesting, switch up those roles every once in a while – even if it’s just for a day. For example, if he always cooks, make it your turn one Saturday night.

Exercise Together

There are numerous studies which highlight how couples who exercise together, stay together.

Why is this?

Not only does it keep you happier and healthier but it adds to your bond and can mimic romantic arousal, making you both feel sexier!

Take A Break Together

One of the hardest things about being in a relationship is the day-to-day monotony you can’t avoid. Whether you’re both working in stressful jobs or have limited time together because of the kids, you’ll often find that you don’t get enough time to switch off and relax as a couple.

That’s why it’s important to take trips together, even if they’re just occasional weekend breaks. These give you the chance to recharge, reunite and spend quality time together (even if that means not moving far from the bedroom!).

Embrace Each Other’s Changes

Finally, as you grow old together, your bodies will inevitably change shape and size. You might lose some hair, gain some pounds and adopt some rather unsightly stretch marks. But don’t forget to embrace these changes in each other, making sure your partner knows that you love them and still find them as sexy as ever.

These simple little steps will work wonders in keeping you and your partner happy, healthy and very much in love.

Of course, not everything is plan sailing  and sometimes you may have to admit that enough is enough and draw a line under a relationship. Divorce can be a positive thing and  may in some instances be the best solution. Take for instance, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman who divorced on the 3rd January in 1990 after 7 years of marriage. They both went on to do great things and continued to work together without any problems. To see what else happened on this day check out this infographic from cashlady below.

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