6 Ways to Make Your Trip Feel Like an Adventure

Traveling is one of the simplest ways to quench your natural thirst for adventure; however, not every journey feels adventurous. Going to the same place, again and again, conventional means of travel and staying in luxurious hotels can make your vacation feel a lot less adventurous. In fact, the act alone is only an adventure if you make it so. This leads us to our next question – how do you make your trip feel more like an actual adventure? Here are six tips to help you out.

1. Pack Light

When packing light, you’re forced to rely a lot more on your own resourcefulness. This will make you explore more and look for local services that you won’t need otherwise. Packing fewer snacks will make you rely on local delicacies. Moreover, packing fewer clothing items will make you look for local laundries (the similar thing goes for other services, as well). Additionally, your wardrobe can be filled in as you go. This way, you will have a great story regarding the purchase of each item.

2. Interact With Everyone

Interacting with people you meet can become an integral part of your journey. This is how so many great stories come to be. Needless to say, non-verbal communication can allow you to talk even to people who don’t speak any of the languages you know. You would be surprised at just how many interesting people you can meet along the way. With the help of hyper-connectivity provided by social media, some of them may even become long-term online friends. Interacting with other cultures is probably the most important reason why people travel.

3. Go On A Road Trip

One of the most interesting ideas is for you to embark on a road trip. Using your personal vehicle for these purposes is generally a great idea because it gives you the freedom to completely customize the journey. This way, you can make the travel itself into a part of an adventure. For this, you can use a car or a motorcycle. Those who opt for the latter need to pick the right ride, seeing as how this may drastically impact their itinerary. The right bike with some quality bash plates can allow for efficient off-road travel.

4. Do Something Active

Closing yourself in a 5-star hotel for the duration of the trip is compelling and inviting but it is not adventurous. Being active is what can turn your journey into a proper adventure. For starters, you should look for authentic local accommodation, and if you’re travelling with your dog then be sure to find the perfect dog friendly stay. Then, start looking for adventures in your own vicinity. Hiking, swimming, paragliding, surfing, snorkeling and cycling in the area are just some of the things you could do in order to get the most out of your journey. People have a hard time forgetting emotions. So, even after they forget about the landscape they saw or the person they met on the journey, they won’t forget how it all made them feel.

5. Pick New Locations For Travel

Some places are so beautiful and full of life that you will feel the need to visit them again. Resisting the urge to do this and going somewhere new is incredibly important. Just think about it this way, by traveling to the same place year in and year out, you’re not really leaving your comfort zone – you’re just expanding it. Now, don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing bad about having that tried and proven go-to place for your vacation. If you’re looking for an adventure, on the other hand, it might be best to look for an alternative.

6. Travel On Your Own

Traveling with others is safer and often more fun. However, it makes you distracted from the journey and focused on your small social group. It also prevents you from interacting with others as much. Most importantly, it puts every single idea up for a vote and these votes don’t always go your way. So, if it’s an adventure you’re seeking, it might be better if you were to travel on your own. Keep in mind that if you have someone who is just as adventurous, this downside can be somewhat mitigated. Still, the choice of the right companion is sometimes hard to make.

While backpacking is the first thing that the majority of people think of when an adventurous journey is mentioned, this isn’t the only way to travel in an adventurous manner. There are many little choices and decisions you can make in order to make this trip feel like an adventure. These choices range from choosing an alternative means of travel to accommodation and the overall style of the journey. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

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