Reasons Why Travel Is An Essential Form of Self-Care

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How often do you find yourself immersed in a moment, enjoying a cup of coffee without frantically checking your email, or taking a glance at the architecture of the buildings you pass every day? We take many things for granted. Beauty, tranquility, and solitude are just some of them. We keep quickening our pace, towards some invisible goal of getting more done in less time, whether it’s work, social media, or chores. We rarely stop to breathe, absorb the view, and just be in awe.

We often reduce self-care to momentary choices such as putting on a facial mask or taking a bubble bath. Much more importantly, self-care is a mindset, one that travel-lovers know all too well – it’s the humility and presence you gain from traversing new lands that gives you a new perspective of your own life, a new appreciation of it. So, if you’re wondering why bucket lists are so much more than excuses to pose for a selfie, let’s take a closer look at how travel helps you care for yourself on an entirely new level.

Inspiring Compassion Every Step Of The Way

Thanks to global modernization and fast-developing methods of travel, more affordable accommodation and transport, as well as a more open-minded approach from most nations, we now have the honour to head into regions of the world that were once out of reach. You can now visit the beautiful kingdom of Bhutan, head for a safari in Zambia’s Liuwa Plain National Park, and visit the skies in Kuelap in Peru.

As you’re no longer confined to the idea of traveling to urban centres alone with an isolated, limited view of what are considered “top attractions”, you get to experience the world in all of its beauty, pain, struggle, and power. You learn to understand the remote cultural views of a Himalayan kingdom, and feel the torment of animals becoming extinct, and begin to understand your own fleeting existence in the face of our historic legacy. It gives you depth and adds new meaning to your life as you learn about more than your own, closed perception of what the world looks like.

Making A Difference

Most of us are used to the notion of reckless travel. Today, however, the idea of mindful travel has imbued our time with new means to abandon old methods and replace them with better, kinder travel choices, even in densely populated metropolises. You can now, for example, choose to stay in an eco-conscious hotel in Singapore in order to make sure that your travel-related carbon footprint is as low as possible, and that you contribute to the communities you travel to by choosing Earth-friendly options.

The same applies in wilderness retreats, the likes of which you can find in Costa Rica for instance, where you can not only sightsee in greener ways, but also contribute directly to their conservation programs designed to help preserve the local wildlife. Whether you travel to urban or rural areas, there are always methods to apply that can help you make an impact on the environment and the community you’re staying in.

Taking A Break From Everyday Distractions

Our view of reality is often distorted simply due to our overwhelming exposure to a range of media, fake standards, and impossible expectations. In the process, you may feel less confident, unhappy with your life, and constantly pressured by the influx of information we’re bombarded with daily. Notifications come from everywhere and we make ourselves available through too many channels – all of which tends to melt away when you board a plane to somewhere, anywhere.

Away from those typical sources of stress and tension, you can let go of escaping to the online realm as a consolation prize. When you fill your time with adventure and exploration, you can finally understand what it means to be in the moment instead of staring at your phone every five minutes. It lets you become as curious as you were as a child, and enjoy the bliss of the present.

Exploring New Vantage Points

A breathtaking view from a mountaintop can humble you in ways no blog post describing it can. An encounter with a new culture has the power to shift your perspective drastically, for you to begin to understand that your concept of values and your view of necessity is certainly not the only one out there. A visit to a museum grants you a trip through time and a sense of your own imperfections and our collective human failings.

Meeting new people, learning about their ways, and immersing yourself within their tempo of life can also be a healing method to find new ways to treat your own fears, overcome your own limitations, and discover novel ways to build bonds. It expands your horizon in ways only traveling into the unknown can.

To Summarize

Finally, travelling inspires gratitude for your own ability and freedom to explore, experience, and taste the world. Above all else, it will help you understand yourself better, and be grateful for the people you have in your life and the time you get to spend surrounded with those you love. That is why all of us need to invest more energy to head to different corners of the globe, and outside of our comfort zone and protective bubbles we have grown so accustomed to – ultimately, it will help us heal.

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