The 8 Best Types Of Alcohol For Baking

Baking is a wonderful hobby that sparks joy, alleviates stress and produces some pretty delicious results. But new recipes are sometimes tricky to find, especially when you feel like you’ve made every cookie, brownie and pie the world has to offer.

An easy way to shake up your bake is to incorporate different ingredients. Alcohol is wonderful for this because it amplifies and works alongside the original flavours of the dessert. While trying these alcohol recipes, make sure you’re not overdoing it, as regular excessive consumption could lead you to an alcohol rehab center.

Here are the best varieties to bake with, from bourbon to red wine.

1. Rum

Rum is used in many tropical drinks, like pina coladas, Mai Tais and daiquiris. It offers notes of vanilla and molasses, which work well in desserts. The flavors in a mojito – lime and mint – are especially perfect for certain baked goods.

Ditch the chocolate and vanilla and opt for a more summery vibe with some mojito bar cookies, made with a decadent mojito curd.

2. Gin

This alcohol is a favorite among many. Paired with a neutral tonic, flavors and aromas of botanicals and citrus are easily enjoyed. If you’re in search of your next dessert, look no further – a no-bake gin and tonic cheesecake is the answer to your prayers.

With lime juice, lemon curd and white chocolate, this bake deliciously captures the essence of the classic beverage. It’s terrific for a party or post-dinner affair.

3. Vodka

Vodka is a wonderful base for just about any mixed drink. It functions on its own in a martini and works seamlessly with savoury flavours in a Bloody Mary. Thus, vodka is easy to bake with as well.

At your next adult soiree, serve up a platter of White Russian cupcakes, best topped with buttercream icing. Actual White Russians taste like a more adult version of ice cream, so you can be sure that these treats will hit the spot.

4. Bourbon

Caramel, maple and honey are flavours found in this type of alcohol. Whisky cocktails work wonders in the fall and winter because of its warm taste.

In this sense, bourbon is great in pies of all kinds, from apple to pecan. It matches beautifully with apples, pears, cinnamon and all kinds of nuts. The next time you want to go for a cosier dessert, look to bourbon.

5. Amaretto

A type of sweet Italian liqueur, amaretto is mostly used in the amaretto sour cocktail. With notes of almond, peach and apricot, this alcohol bodes well in so many baked goods. From cake to cookies, you can add it to just about anything – even a rich and decadent amaretto creme brulee.

These desserts are super easy to prepare, which makes them enjoyable for several events. Best of all, you’ll likely already have a majority of the ingredients.

6. Champagne

Champagne is sparkly and fun, ideal for celebrations of all types. You’ll find flavors of citrus, strawberry and vanilla in this alcohol. If you prefer a lighter dessert, whip up some champagne mousse with Chambord, a raspberry liqueur.

Both fruity and creamy, this mousse is lovely after a large meal or whenever you want something that isn’t so rich.

7. Red Wine

Most of us know the pleasures of a glass of red wine and a few pieces of dark chocolate. The alcohol also pairs well with various types of fish and meat, as it has notes of vanilla and berries.

Did you know you can recreate these flavors in a cake? Fluffy, moist and not too sweet, chocolate red-wine cake provides the perfect spin on a household favorite. This recipe is a very tasty one to make for a girl’s night or just because you feel like it.

8. Cream Liqueur

A classic in the winter season, cream liqueur comes in a variety of flavors and tastes great both in coffee and on the rocks. Not surprisingly, it works amazingly in desserts as well.

If you’re bored of your typical brownie recipe, try a batch of Irish cream coffee bars as your next baked good. Chewy, gooey and fudgey, cream liqueur makes these the perfect treat any time of year.

You Can’t Go Wrong

No matter how you want to spice up your next bake, you can’t go wrong with any of these alcohols. Take a look at your liquor cabinet and see what you’ve got on hand to make one of these delicious recipes.

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