Any Sharp Knife Sharpener Review

Ask any cook what their favourite bit of kitchen kit is and I bet you the vast majority of them will say their set of knives. Knives are essential for so many different jobs when cooking, but a good quality set that stays sharp, cuts through even the toughest of ingredients and will last you a good few years of your cooking life, often comes with a high price tag.

But obviously, the more you use something, the more it wears down and no matter how high quality or how expensive a knife you have, it will at some point become blunt.

And then you have two choices…

  1. Fork out for some new ones.
  2. Sharpen the ones you have.

Claiming to be the World’s Best Knife Sharpener, the Any Sharp Knife Sharpener is small and stylish, yet robust enough to tackle most knifes you can throw at it. Available in a whole spectrum of different colours, including: copper (pictured), pink cream, citrus zest, royal red, brass, ochre, gold and teal to name but a few, you can pretty much find one to fit in with even the most unusual of kitchen decors out there…that is if you decide to keep it out on show of course.

As with a lot of kitchen gadgetry, the big question is whether this too is destined to become one of those unused utensils that gets bunged at the back of the messy miscellaneous kitchen drawer, along with the egg separator and the melon baller?

And the answer is yes, it probably will. But credit where credit’s due, it is small, it’s not a funny shape, and well you’re only really going to be using it every now and again anyway, so if it does what it says it’s going to do, then personally I think it warrants it’s own little parking spot in that drawer of miscellany.

Let’s check out what it can do for you and your knives:

  • Will sharpen most types of knife, apart from ceramic or fine toothed knives.
  • PowerGrip suction means it can be suckered onto your kitchen surface leaving your hands safely away from the blade.
  • It has a soft polymer guiding top that means it, or your knives, won’t get damaged from overuse.
  • The sharpening angle is set at 20 degrees, which is the optimum angle to sharpen a knife.
  • It comes with a 10 Year Warranty.
  • It only costs £16.59!

So look, here’s what I really think of it. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and yes it does what it promises to do. I was able to sharpen up my knives good and proper all without shedding any blood! It’s a handy kitchen staple for the domestic chef, who’s looking to save a bit of money in the long term and who wants to prolong the life of their trusty knives.

For more information head to the Any Sharp website.

*Product gifted for review.

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