The Health Benefits Of Slow Living

In a world which is getting more fast-paced, more impatient, and society wanting everything right now, there is something to be said for taking life more slowly. It’s unsurprising the slow living movement has gained in popularity as the world has sped up. It started in Italy during the 1980s, and it’s a lifestyle which encourages you to take your time and savour moments. So, why should you think about introducing it into your lifestyle?

Appreciate Time

The next time you find yourself travelling – whether it’s your commute to work or on a weekend away – be more mindful of the time you’re using. Rather than wishing it away, you can make the most of it. You could use it to develop hobbies, or during your holiday be sure to really take in those views rather than see the world through your camera. Park Holidays offer some amazing spaces where you can sit back and really appreciate your surroundings.

Increase Productivity

It’s not just when you’re idle that you want to introduce the slow movement to your life. If you constantly feel like you don’t have enough time to get everything done, you may feel the urge to speed up and multi-task. Whereas in reality, slowing down can make you more productive. Reassess your routine and figure out what tasks are unnecessary in the day. You’ll find slowing down gives you more time to make better decisions and ultimately help your productivity.

Family Time

When it comes to slow parenting, there isn’t a wrong or right way of doing it You could make sure to sit around the table for family dinner every night, or cut down on after-school activities to have more time together. Slow living is about treasuring your relationships rather than possessions, so try not to focus on spending money on family time. It can save you money and give you special memories with your kids. They grow up fast and you’ll want to make the most of your time with them.

Notice Little Things

You need to be realistic with changing your lifestyle, don’t expect it to suddenly happen overnight. It’s OK if you’re not too sure where to start with it all. “It’s not a shift that will happen quickly, so start small and focus on being consistent instead of impressive.” This was the guidance from Brooke McAlary, author of Slow and Destination Simple. You could start by cutting down your daily screen time. Or trying a recipe where you have to take your time. Do what works for you.

You can start slow living in every aspect of your life, and you’ll feel so much better for doing it. Begin with one small change and work from there. Where do you think this lifestyle would help you the most?

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