How Safe Is Microblading?

If you’re tired of drawing your brows on with a pencil every morning, trying to make them look fuller and more even, then you might want to consider microblading. Microblading is very popular around the world, but some women are afraid that something might go wrong during the treatment.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading eyebrows treatment is a treatment similar to a brow tattoo. However, it is not permanent – it lasts 2 to 3 years. This is because the ink does not go as deep under the skin and a different tool is used. The microblading tool looks like a pen and it makes small incisions in which the pigment is inserted.

What Are The Risks Of Microblading?

Microblading itself is not a complicated treatment, however there are some risks involved:

Irritation and infection

The treated area is very sensitive and prone to irritation and infection after the procedure. It is usually a bit red and swollen, but if the redness and irritation becomes abnormal and lasts for more than a week, contact your microblading artist.

How to avoid it?

Carefully choose your microblading artist. Make sure it is someone who works in a sterile environment and has a lot of satisfied customers and good reviews. Hire a professional with a license and check where they completed their training.

After the treatment you will be given strict aftercare rules to follow. Be serious about them – don’t scratch, touch or rub your eyebrows. Avoid sweating and sunlight. Don’t wash your face and don’t apply makeup.

Another way to avoid the negative effects of microblading is to use the alternative, less painful option, getting powder brows. This method lasts longer, is less painful, and causes less trauma to the skin.”

What if my brows get infected?

Contact your microblading artist and if it looks serious, visit a dermatologist. You may need a course of antibiotics if it has got infected. Bear in mind that infection after the microblading is not something that happens very often.

Allergic reaction

There is a chance you are allergic to the pigment used during the microblading treatment. If you think you might be, ask for a patch test before the treatment.

Other complications

Microblading is not for people with certain conditions. There is a list of people who should avoid microblading and if you are one of them, things can get complicated. The list includes pregnant women, people with diabetes and heart conditions, those who suffer from severe skin allergies or irritation, have had Botox or a chemical peel done in the last two weeks, those who are currently undergoing radiation or chemotherapy or use blood thinners.

What to do?

If you have any health problems, check with your microblading artist, as well as with your doctor, to find out whether the treatment is safe for you.

Hepatitis B and C, HIV and skin infections

These are some of the serious risks and are the result of working with non sterile equipment. So in order to avoid getting any of these, check the conditions in which your artist works.

How Can I Avoid Complications After Microblading Treatment?

Basically, most of the risks can be avoided with the choice of a reliable artist. Don’t let the price affect your decisions. If the price of the microblading treatment is much lower than the average price in your area that usually means the artist is a beginner or works with low quality equipment.

So do your homework and research the best artists in your area. Don’t rush with the decision. The treatment is not something you should take for granted. It is something on your face, so everyone can see it.

After the microblading treatment, during the healing process, you have to be responsible and obedient. So if you want your eyebrows to heal properly, follow the aftercare steps you were given. If you choose the right artist and you follow the aftercare instructions, there is not much need to worry.

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