How to Become a Nutritionist

Nutrition, diet and healthy eating are common concerns for many people. From people looking to live a healthier lifestyle to athletes, many people look to a nutritionist to help them get the best from food and drink.

As professionals, the services of nutritionists are in high demand. Offering practical, evidence-based advice and support, there are many people who have come to rely on a nutritionist for what they need.

Why Become a Nutritionist?

Not only is demand soaring for qualified, nutritionist, it is a profession that many find alluring.

Offering variety in the working day, it presents opportunities to work with a wide section of the population. Some nutritionists specialise in key areas, such as working with top-end athletes.

It is also a profession in which there are many opportunities to progress. As a qualified nutritionist, you could be employed by health boards or sports organisations, or as you develop your career, you may decide to become self-employed.

Becoming a Qualified Nutritionist

Nutritionists have a passion for what they do, as well as a keen interest in food and the science behind how our bodies use it.

As well as being pragmatic in their approach, a nutritionist will work closely with their clients and so it goes without saying that you need to be friendly, approachable as much as you are knowledgeable.

If you think this is the career for you, take a look at the Guide to the Nutritionist Profession. Packed full of useful information, it covers everything you need to know about kickstarting your career as a nutritionist.

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