How To Keep Your Calm And Seal The Deal At Work

There are many reasons why we get stressed, but one of the causes cited by most people is pressures from work. Deadlines, long hours, bad relationships, difficult clients, low pay, are all factors that contribute to work related stress. The problem is, when you work in the corporate world it’s important you keep your calm in order to pull off that presentation or seal the deal with that massive new client your boss has been after you to get.

In this article we are going to take a look at some of the ways you can keep your calm at work and in the process impress your clients and your boss too!

Impress The New Clients

Trying to get new clients can be a huge pressure, especially in the corporate world where you may find yourself dealing with the top movers and shakers in your industry. Whether they decide to sign the contract could all depend on you and that is a big deal. You not only need to make a good impression yourself, but you then need to take that hefty social budget you’ve been granted and wine and dine your potential new clients like they’ve never been wined and dined before.

It’s always advisable to do your research, but now more than ever you need to know your new clients’ and their company inside out. Take the time to talk to them and understand what they are doing and what they need from you. Never shy away from asking questions, the answers they give will help you establish a working relationship moving forward. And if they don’t give the answers you want to hear or if there are a few surprises in there, remember to be flexible with what you can offer, but also realistic – don’t make any promises you can’t keep!

After you have taken them out for dinner at a fancy London restaurant or a private members club, follow up a few days later with a gift, something like a wine club subscription or some bottles of wine from this website. This will give them a lasting impression of what it is like to work with you and should then hopefully help you to seal the deal.

Don’t Forget About Existing Clients

Securing new clients is all well and good, but it’s incredibly important that you keep your existing ones happy too, to ensure they continue doing business with you. Keeping up good client relations can be incredibly stressful however, and there may be times where you really struggle to keep your calm in a situation.

One thing that can help to keep morale up, both for you, your team, and at the same time keeping your existing clients on board, is by splashing that company cash again and taking them all out for an annual business jolly. Depending on your budget you can really go to town and arrange the best group charter to fly you all out to somewhere fancy for the day, or even for the weekend if you’re really going for it. Many large corporations are keen to impress their clients in whatever way possible, and if spending some company money keeps those high value clients happy, then we think that’s definitely going to help you keep your calm when you next have to present your annual client list to your boss.

Manage Your Team

People management can be really stressful, however the people that you manage are the cogs of the business; they do the work and make those wheels turn. In order to have a good rapport with your team and to get the very best out of them, it is absolutely vital that your office door is always open to them. Communication is everything and if there’s a problem you want to trust that your staff will come and talk to you about it, rather than let it fester and potentially make a bad situation worse.

One way to make it easier for everyone is by ensuring you have the best workflow systems in place to allow easy client management. With clear deliverables, ongoing support, and streamlined processes a good CRM platform, like, should hopefully translate to increased sales and profitability, improved customer service, and better client relationships. And when the work is running smoothly and the results are coming in, that makes for a happy team, a happy boss, and a happy you.

Separate Work From Home

Trying to get the right work life balance is never easier. And this has been made even more difficult since the pandemic. More of us work from home than ever before. When we were told to stay at home, our living rooms and spare bedrooms became our offices. Which of course made it much more difficult to separate work from home life and to stick to our normal working hours.

Whether you have continued to work from home, or you now venture back into the office either full or part time, setting yourself some rules is an absolute must if you want to keep your calm. Set yourself a cut off time and stick to it and then reward yourself with something nice so that you have a distinct break between work and home. Ideas could include going to the gym, going for a run, watching some TV, or taking the dog out for a walk. You just need to find something that gives you the time to clear your head of work matters, so that you can relax fully into home mode.

You will be far more productive at work the following day if you allow yourself this period of rest and reset. And when you’re in this frame of mind you are far more likely to secure that lucrative deal, than if you turn up at work all tired and stressed.

Work and keeping calm don’t necessarily always go hand in hand, but a calm you makes for a better working you and that pays enormous dividends. Hopefully, this article has given you a few ideas to make you think about some of the ways you can keep your calm at work and help you to seal the next big deal.

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