The Main Rules Of Eye Care You Should Never Forget

Vision is a gift. It’s a gift because not everyone gets lucky enough to have it. This is why if yours is still intact and you can still see this beautiful world through your own lenses then you should feel lucky. Some people either abused their chance or never really got it in the first place. To live in darkness must be a terrible, lonesome feeling.

The eyes are some of our body’s organs that hardly get any rest. If you’re a workaholic or someone who simply likes to stay up late, then your eyes must have it twice as bad. The only time our eyes get to rest is when we sleep. They don’t even completely shut off even when we’re in that state, but they certainly experience less activity. So, if you only get around 2 or 3 hours of sleep each day (sometimes maybe none) you can just imagine how straining it is for your eyes to keep working day in and day out. It’s as if you are trying to force a flashlight to light up even when its battery is almost half dead. Read this for more information:

But you know what’s amazing?

It’s our body’s highly adaptive ways. It keeps finding ways to withstand our abuse. No matter how unreasonable we get; no matter how demanding, it would seem that our bodies really try to keep up with the challenges. Even if you don’t sleep a wink in 48 hours, your body can still carry on with just caffeine as fuel. Even if our eyes are very tired, it continues to let us “see.” We may be abusing our bodies all the time but it never seems to abuse us back. But heed my warning: All good things come to last – if you don’t take care of them.

Your eyesight may be okay now even after all the hours you’ve spent video-gaming, marathoning TV series, and binge-watching Netflix. It may still be fine even after countless of hours reading in dim-lit rooms while lying down. It might not complain now even if you sit too close to your 65-inch TV for reasons that are too silly and outrageous to comprehend. But hear this: It may not be now but soon enough; your eyes too will forsake you because of your abusive ways. And when that time comes, there’s just no turning back. You can’t beg for your vision back when it’s your own fault why it turned bad in the first place.

If you don’t want this happening to you, then the only real thing to do is to take better care of your eyes. You have to value them like you would two big chunks of diamond. After all, they are worth more than diamonds! This is just a little trivia but did you know that a single eye, when you have insurance, is worth $250,000 when lost accidentally or through an injury? That’s just one eye. If you lose both, you get half a million dollars. Check out these insane prices on this website!

Why do you think it is worth so much?

It’s because our eyesight is one of our body’s most convenient facilities. We can do a lot more things when our vision is operational. A single eye lost would mean the loss of accuracy, precision, focus, and spatial acuity. This can inhibit a person from doing many activities – from directing a play to creating art, and even playing some of their favourite sports.

An eye is not just an eye. It’s an irreplaceable ability. To see is kind of like a superpower, even. Take the ability to see from people and they end up having such a bad time.

So how do we take care of our eyes? What is the right way to maintain our perfectly good eyesight? Something as fragile as this certainly has high maintenance, has it not?

Well, taking care of your vision is actually much easier than you’d think. Here are some major rules to eye care that you should know about:

Massage Your Eyes In A Circular Motion After Straining Activities

So, what are straining activities for your eyes in the first place? If you’ve been working in front of the computer for long hours, watching TV for quite a while, or reading fine print in a book that’s got you hooked, then without you noticing, your eyes might be pretty strained already. They’re going to be tired trying to keep up with all your activities. Whenever you engage in activities or actions that require heavy use of your vision, don’t forget to massage the circles around your eyes following a circular motion as well. Be calm and gentle as you massage the area around your lids; don’t press too hard. Just apply enough pressure so that your ocular muscles become relaxed. Learn it here:

Don’t Wet Your Eyes Right After Using Them For So Long

Many people rinse their face whenever they feel a little sleepy and they still need to get a lot of work done. This is not very good practice. Although some people say that it hardly has any effect on your sight, it can still make your eyes feel more tired. Also, when rinsing your face, make sure to do it with clean hands and water. Unsterile water and dirty hands can cause irritation and can eventually lead to eye infections.

Refusing Glasses Or Contacts When You Are Obviously In Need Of Them

Your eyes will eventually go bad, one way or another. With our technology today and the amount of radiation we expose ourselves to; it’s not uncommon to start having blurry vision. However, some people still seem to deny the fact that they’re sight is growing weak and try very hard to make do without any device or tool to aid their vision. Actually, ignoring signs of bad eyesight may lead to even worse eyesight because what happens is that you end up straining your vision even more by pretending nothing is wrong. If you live somewhere in Florida for example, make sure to look for eyeglasses Pensacola brands.

If you’re worried about not looking “cool” or trendy with glasses on, you can still opt for contacts. And if you’ve ever been shopping in optical centres, you’ll know that there are a lot of fashionable frames available these days. There is definitely something out there that is bound to flatter your look!

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