My Teenage Diary Series – January 29th 1995

Dear Teenage Diary

I’ll start Friday because I guess that’s where it all really started. I went around to Sheila’s before youth club and Claudia and Sally were there. It was intended that we’d get pissed and then go to youth club and really enjoy ourselves. Sally left after a while saying she’d meet us later at youth club. Sheila phoned Gulliver and Denise came round. I wouldn’t say we were totally off our heads, we were just really confident and outgoing. We left the house singing at the top of our voices, me and Denise the loudest. Me and Denise were the only ones who bothered to pay to get in. Here comes the headline… I tried smoking.

I realised I couldn’t really criticise it if I hadn’t tried it. Anyway, I went off with Claudia, Denise and Sheila – I knew they wouldn’t laugh at me. Sheila had got Percy to buy her a packet, so I had one of hers. I can’t light them, but I guess they’re not that bad, but I’m not going to become addicted. I’ll just smoke at youth club when everyone else is because then I feel more part of everything. I had three altogether and I only coughed once, not bad eh?

Me and Denise went back into youth club and we went into the back room and were singing rally loud and dancing to East17 songs. It was a real laugh. After youth club we went back to Timothy’s house with Jono, Percy and Raymond. At first it was really boring and the atmosphere that us girls had created just dropped, even though Denise fell in the fishpond. We all then went back to Sheila’s to check whether Stan had got home safely. Then it was back to Timothy’s house.

Luckily things had got a bit more cheerful. Although, Percy was trying to get off with Denise and she didn’t want to. Anyway, it ended up with Raymond, Claudia and Sheila sat on the single bed and Timothy, Percy and Jono were led on the double bed. Me and Denise leaped on them and I ended up sat on Jono. Percy nicked my hat and shoved it down his trousers. I told him I’d get it out and obviously he didn’t decline. I tried, but then he got to his senses and tried to stop me, so I squeezed his bollocks so hard and he gave the hat back. At one point I thought he was trying to get off with me, but I kept telling him to get off me. Then him and Jono kept feeling my legs and saying how much they liked my skirt – it’s only because it was short and lifted up easily. So I tickled Jono’s feet and pulled his leg hairs out. For the rest of the night Jono had his hand on my leg and I thought he might have got off with me. I probably wouldn’t have refused, I mean he’s no love god, but he’s not that bad. Me and Sheila left at 12.15, but Denise stayed and we later found out that she did get off with Percy.

Saturday, I went to Chippenham and bought 2 pairs of silver hoops and it looks so smart. Then I went round Sheila’s because her mum was out and we basically chatted when we should have done homework. I went back home for dinner and just before dinner I got a phone call from a drunken Carl telling me Terence still liked me. So after the phone call I went round Sheila’s and we both had a good laugh about it. We had another drinking session so that we were jolly. And then Sheila phoned Gulliver and she was really pissed off after that because his mu was in one of her PMT moods. Two or three minutes later a drunken Terence phoned asking what Carl had said to me earlier. He also asked whether it was me that had told Jo all those things about him, so I had a go at him and hung up because I was pissed off with being blamed for it. About 5 minutes later Archibald phoned apologising for Terence and he basically told me that Terence loved me and that he was rally upset. And then Terence had the nerve to come on the phone and ask what he’s done and I was so pissed off with that, that I nearly hung up, but he put Archibald back on quickly and I explained to him what Terence had done and then I had to hang up because Rose was back. 5 minutes later they phoned again, this time Terence was trying to explain everything, but I was so pissed off that I made him talk to Sheila instead. He basically wants us to be friends and Sheila told him to keep on trying to get me to talk to him and maybe I would. I really don’t know what to do about it. I mean I guess I still like him a little, but there is no way I’d go out with him again, not after what he’s done. And why should I be friends, I mean I was willing to and he wouldn’t talk to me.

Sunday – Dad nearly punched me. I had a real argument and it ended in me swearing at him. I stormed up to my room and he followed me and shouted, “don’t you ever speak to me like that again, else you’re out on your ear” and then he went to punch me, but stopped. I was really crying by then I was absolutely petrified. He later came up and apologised because it turned out he’d found proof that he was wrong and I was right. After that Mum came in to calm me down and she said she’d never seen him get so angry before. You’re telling me!

I found out today that Percy and Noreen are spending the weekend at the Granada Lodge. He wants to get in her knickers, but he’s told her they’re going to look at the sky. I suppose they’re both sleazeballs together. I just hope Denise doesn’t fancy him, because she’ll be miffed if she finds out about this.


*All names have been changed from those in my monthly teenage diary to protect the not so innocent.

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