My Teenage Diary Revealed: Saturday 16th April – Friday 22nd April 1994

Let me take you back in time to April 1994, where according to me teenage diary I was ‘honoured’ to have been whistled at  in a shop. Oh dear girl you have so much to learn!

Stressed by mounting schoolwork, cutting my best friend’s hair, and the boy who blows more cold than hot… welcome to my teenage life…

Saturday 16th  April

I went into Chippenham so that I could get D:REAMS album and go to the library for some homework information. I was in  W.H. Smiths and these two boys walked past me and one of them whistled at me. I don’t know what he was like because I was too embarrassed to look. Mind you I was quite ‘honoured’ to be whistled at, I felt quite pretty today. Dad said that if he’s back from China in May, he’s going on Monday, then the weekend A goes away for football we can go to Winchester and stay in a hotel and he said I can ask Sheila to come as well. It should be really good if we do actually get to go because Mum said we’d be able to do whatever we wanted to. Brill, we could get up to anything!

Sunday 17th April

Sheila came over and she asked me to cut her hair a bit shorter because she was getting fed up with it. At first I was a bit hesitant because I thought I’d cut it wonky and then she’d have a go at me. But I did cut it and it actually looks really nice. I’m proud of my masterpiece. Maybe I could be a hairdresser when I leave school. I think not. I’ve set myself a revision timetable and I’m going to make myself stick to it. So far I’ve learnt all my 10 GCSE French questions so I’ve really only got to practice the pronunciation. I’m more worried about trying to complete my art coursework. It’s got to be completed by next week. I don’t think it will be.

Monday 18th April

I had a nose bleed at school, which lasted for thirty minutes and although I missed more than half a lesson of German I felt totally drained after it. Then to top it all off I had another 5 minute one when I got home from school. We got all our information about work experience and we’ve got to write letters to them so they can answer any of our questions. I can’t do mine until I know what days I’m going. I’m so stressed at the moment and I’m only just coping. I’m like revising, doing coursework, and homework all this week and it’s really doing my head in, but I can’t have a rest or I won’t get it all done.

Tuesday 19th April

I had another nose bleed today and I’m getting really worried about it. Mum says it’s all stress related and I suppose that’s true, after all I’m really stressed that I won’t get a substantial amount of revision done. Anyway, I suppose all I can do is try my hardest, but I so badly want to do well, especially in my French and Maths, because if I do well in Maths I may have the opportunity to be moved up to set 1. If I don’t do well in French there’s still the chances Mrs Chiles may move me down a set. The trouble is with both these exams are that these are the hardest ones out of the lot that I am going to do.

Wednesday 20th April

We had a kind of revision test in Geography and I dd really rubbish. I only got 56 out of 80 and they were only one word answers so god knows how I’m going to do in the real thing. I suppose it means I’ll have to do a lot more revision. I sort of started a conversation between me and Percy but it went a bit flat and he didn’t seem to be too interested in what I was saying, so I gave up. It’s just really annoying. About one day in a month he’s really flirt with me and then all the other days I’m lucky if I get two words out of him. It can get really depressing. I’ve got PE with him tomorrow, maybe he’ll notice me. I hope so.

Thursday 21st April

Sheila’s staying the night because her Mum’s going to out. It’s been quite good because she put my hair into two buns and I plucked her eyebrows. Mind you, I got no revision done, which in a way worries me, because I don’t think I’ll get it all done. I was so amazed I got a level 9 (grade A) for my Physics test and that is definitely a first and more than likely a last. I did PE with Percy today and he’s lush. He was cheering me on. And then at lunchtime he spent all his time listening to Sheila and mine’s conversation. He was opposite me. I had an arm wrestle with him. I beat him on the left; him on the right.

Friday 22nd April

I got a reply from Tony, my American penfriend yesterday and apart from the fact he builds model planes and puts jigsaw puzzles together he sounds really gorgeous. A’s playing football against Chelsea so I said I’d go and watch, well 17 year olds are going to be playing as well. I asked Sheila if she wanted to come too, but it was the weekend she  was supposed to be going to Nadine’s. She didn’t want to go anyway, so she told Nadine, but she didn’t take the hint and then tempted Sheila by saying Tarquin Charles was staying overnight too. Sheila hasn’t decided yet, but I bet she goes to Nadine’s. Nadine is such a bitch, she’s trying to get Sheila to like her better than me.

Tune in next week for more 1994 action teenage diary fans!

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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