Podcasts To Listen To If You Are Feeling Lonely

Life is full of struggles and different phases, and everyone has to go through them. There are times when we feel low and we all have different ways of dealing with our loneliness. To overcome loneliness, some watch entertainment content, some indulge in outdoor games, some listen to music, and some feel better listening to a motivational podcast. Indeed, in more recent times, the podcast has become the main escape for many.

You may not feel like talking with your peers, however you might not be averse to listening to an anonymous person over podcasts, who share their feelings on several issues. Listening to podcasts has helped lots of individuals alleviate their loneliness.

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are audio recordings that can be found on the Internet (on any website). You can listen to a podcast at anytime and anywhere you want (provided you have access to the Internet and a dependable provider, like att internet). It is quite similar to a radio broadcast, in that a speaker talks about a particular event or occasion, or two people have a chat show where they express their opinions on any given topic; sports, business, life, travel, yoga, and so on.

A podcast is a type of audio program that typically consists of different episodes based on a specific theme. You can find these tracks on the Internet or iTunes. Podcasts are mostly free, though some you may have to pay for.

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Benefits Of Listening To Podcasts Daily

Listening to podcasts is the best thing you can do to keep your mind occupied. It enhances your listening skills and concentration. It gives you new ideas and thoughts to act in different situations.

Next time when you are feeling lonely, why not listen to these fantastic podcasts and forget all about your worries.

The Moth

The Moth is a podcast that is based on real-life events and told by real people on stage without notes. Each episode presents different stories that range from inspirational, ghost stories to travel and love stories. The timing of each episode is different, so just watch the one you want.

Judge John Hodgman

Well, who doesn’t love passing judgments on their friends and family? If you are that person and may have made a few mistakes in life, then John Hodgman is there for you. This is a comedy show where the judge hears cases from those who need third-party advice.

Golic and Wingo Podcast

The Golic and Wingo Podcast is an American talk show which is broadcasted on radio and television. This spectacular radio show is based on sports is presented by Mike Golic, Mike Jr. and Trey Wingo. The Golic and Wingo Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts.

If you are into sports and love listening to podcasts, then you’ve got to hear the Golic and Wingo Podcast, as it will really make your day. Listen to this amazing talk show to get all the sports-related insights.

Call Your Girlfriend

This podcast is about long-distance best friends Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sou who chat and discuss all kinds of issues in their life. They talk about current affairs, culture, and topics of common interests that include body hair, sex education, patriarchy and national development.

Ologies Podcast

If you are into science or are a knowledge freak then Ologies Podcast is all you need to listen to. Filled with humor, Ologies Podcast is a science show mainly hosted by writer Alie Ward. In every episode, there is a discussion on new and interesting science topics with different ‘ologies’, followed by additional questions. Now reading is not the only option to expand the boundaries of your knowledge. Instead, try an Ologies Podcast that entertainingly delivers knowledge.

Some of the famous episodes of Ologies Podcasts are Areology (the study of the planet Mars) and Dendrology (the study of trees).

The Bright Sessions

People who love psychological thrillers are surely going to love this fiction podcast. In this fiction podcast, you’ll find ‘atypical’ therapy sessions conducted by Dr. Bright.’ Atypical’, because the characters have superpowers, like mind-reading and time travel. There is a lot more to it. Watch out for this interesting story to find out for yourself.

Death, Sex and Money

In our society, most of us are told not to discuss such taboo topics. This podcast is all about death, sex, and money, where host Anna Sale invites some expert personalities who freely talk about such issues with a touch of humour. It is going to make you laugh and you cannot disagree with their fresh views on forbidden topics.

My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder is a blend of crime and comedy and this is a conversational podcast in which hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark discuss crime stories with pretty hilarious commentary. They also talk about mental health, social issues, and issues going on in their own lives, which are pretty relatable and funny in every sense.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

When someone asks, “how are you?” our reply to this question is usually always, “I am fine”, even when we are clearly not doing well. In this podcast, the host Nora McInerny dives into this phenomenon, questioning real people how they are actually feeling and talks about it. This podcast is raw, making you sad at times and at times making you smile.

To Sum Up

All the above podcasts will leave you awestruck for sure, but in our opinion the Ologies Podcast is the best of all. On the other hand, listening to the Golic and Wingo Podcast is a lot of fun. Grab your phone and tune into one. Once you get hooked on them, you will no longer feel lonely. Problems come and go, but you should teach yourself how to deal with them. Find something that keeps you motivated all the time. Haven’t tried podcasts yet? Try out these popular podcasts on Spotify and we are sure you will enjoy them to the fullest.

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