Positive Daily Habits For Conquering Anxiety

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Unfortunately, anxiety has become an all-too-common part of daily life for many of us. Our contracting world of social media and constant connectivity means that it’s harder than ever to switch off from the demands of our social circles and work colleagues.

While easily forgotten, it remains hugely important that we all take some time to switch off and destress daily. Many people struggle to see how they can improve their daily habits, but with a few simple tweaks, you can end every day feeling much calmer and in control.

Limit Your Online Life

The first and most crucial step is often putting the brakes on your social media use. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become so ingrained in our lives that we often gravitate to them in moments of winding down, which ends up doing the opposite for our mental health.

Try to recognise and stop yourself from visiting the same social media sites whenever you find yourself with an empty five or ten minutes. It can also help to create a set window every day (say the hour after work) where you don’t do anything online.

Taking yourself away from social media during these moments will make you more open to exploring and trying new things with your time, which can help to calm the mind.

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Consider Your Diet

We often forget the importance of this point. What we put into our bodies has a significant effect on our mind. While indulgent foods can feel good at the moment, they can also cause more anxiety later down the line.

CBD for anxiety is an example of something that can provide relief as part of a rounded effort to reduce stress. Eating a healthier, balanced diet can provide significant benefits on your journey to a calmer life.


Similar to your diet, how you treat your body has a knock-on effect on how your mind copes with specific situations.

Many of us dislike the thought of heavy exercise. However, for a mental health boost, you don’t need to do anything serious. Activities such as yoga are great for calming the mind and getting your body moving at the same time.

Be With Others

In the modern world, many of us undervalue the importance of face-to-face interaction. Our minds and bodies still crave being with other people, not necessarily in a romantic way but in a way that allows us to feel recognised and secure.

If possible, spend a few hours every day in the company of people you care about, either family or friends. Even if it’s once every few days, a casual get together can make all the difference to your mood.

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Escape With Hobbies

Of course, there are times when the thought of meeting with anyone is deeply uncomfortable. This feeling is natural, and in these moments, it’s okay to seek an escape to allow your mind to relax.

Hobbies are a great way to distract from the rigours of a tough day and put your focus to something you care about. Reading is a fantastic way to unwind, while drawing and playing music are also hugely beneficial for the mind. Give yourself some time every day to spend on yourself!


Last but certainly not least, sleep is a huge factor. The amount of rest we get influences how capable our brain is when dealing with everything the world throws our way.

Sleep is not just about time in bed, however. Just as important is the quality of sleep. If you go to bed worrying about the next day, you’ll not rest as comfortably as you need. Develop a positive routine before sleep, including the points above, to help your mind drift off peacefully and get the full rest it needs!

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These small changes to everyday habits can make a positive impact for anyone looking to reduce feelings of anxiety. Do you know any more easy-to-implement techniques to share?

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