Push Doctor Cholesterol Testing Kit Review

With the big 4-0 fast approaching I’m beginning to think about my health in a slightly different way than I have before. As far as I know, I’m fairly fit and healthy and touch wood long may that continue, but listening to my 40+ friends regale me with their stories of the 40 years health check and about how it all goes downhill from there, it’s kinda made me more anxious about hitting this momentous milestone.

October is National Cholesterol month and having recently written an article all about cholesterol, it’s opened my eyes to the fact that I could have high blood pressure and not even know it. I mean OK so the odds are hardly stacked against me; I’m young, I exercise, I eat well, but there’s still a risk, so should I wait for that health check or am I best off being pre-warned of any problems going on in there!?!

I was recently sent a home cholesterol test kit from Push Doctor that looks as if it could be exactly what I need to put my cholesterol worries to bed.

This pocket sized kit contains:

  • 2 sealed aluminium pouches containing 1 cholesterol test strip in each
  • 1 results card
  • 2 sterile lancets for blood sampling
  • 1 instruction booklet.

Now whilst this isn’t going to give you the most accurate results in the world, it can at least give you an indicator of whether you should be making changes to your lifestyle to help reduce a cholesterol level that is slightly higher than average, or indeed whether you should be seeking the advice from your GP.

This kit is aimed at people who have not had a cholesterol test before or who have no past history of high blood pressure, making me the ideal candidate. And before you run in head first pricking fingers left right and centre I’d suggest you sit down and take the time to read through the instruction booklet first, because unless you do it right you’re not going to get a decent result.

As the kit contains two tests you may find it easier to sit down and do this with someone else, especially if you’re a little bit squeamish around blood. It’s hardly a zombie massacre, but you do need to give yourself a little prick (oo-er missus) and some people may find this difficult to do themselves. It’s all in the preparation so make sure you’ve washed your hands and that you have a tissue and plaster at the ready.

Basically you prick your finger with the lancet, squeeze some blood onto the testing strip, wait for the allotted length of time, then check to see which shade of grey/green the testing paper has turned to. This colour relates to a number range and coloured face – green = happy you’re all OK, yellow = hmmmm OK maybe make some changes, red = eek go see your GP.

It was a quick and relatively painless procedure that put my mind at ease and I would recommend this as a useful bit of kit to add to your home health supplies. Turns out I have nothing to worry about – yay to the smiley green face – but if you do get a result that causes you concern, as part of the service Push Doctor offer a free appointment with one of their experienced UK doctors who will discuss your test results with you and suggest ways in which you can help bring your cholesterol down.

Of course, if you have any concerns we would always recommend you book an appointment to see your own GP as this test does only give an indicator, but an indicator is way better than having no clue whatsoever.

I’ve saved the best news for last, because guess what…the kits are free! Yep for real, they won’t cost you a penny, so head on over to https://www.pushdoctor.co.uk/test-your-cholesterol and take steps towards taking control of your cholesterol.

*Product gifted for review

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