Readings From My Teenage Diary 2nd July – 8th July 1994

It’s that time of the week where I unlock my 1994 teenage diary and indulge in some random self conscious witterings of my teenage self. This week it’s the party of the century, where I was absolutely beside myself to have been invited to an event that in my mind was reserved for the ‘in’ crowd. Had I finally made it in life?? Read on to find out:

Saturday 2nd July

PARTY. What a night! There was booze, smoking and sex. I was subject to only one of these and that was booze and even then I only had about 6 mouthfuls of different stuff. Mind you Jasper Archer came up to me and said that Cuthbert Gilbert wanted me to go outside, but I mean he’s a chimp and I don’t think he was even there. I found out that Deborah fancies Chuck Wilson and she managed to get it out of me that I fancy Arnold. We were both quite depressed because they weren’t taking much notice of us. The fact that they didn’t want to get off with us when they were drunk just goes to show really doesn’t it. Bernadette was plastered, he didn’t recognise most people. Betty got off with Dirk Cooper.

Sunday 3rd July

I can’t help thinking about last nights events and now I come to think of it I really wish I’d got Deborah to go and talk to Arnold. OK so he probably would have said no if she’d asked him out for me but at least he would have known I fancied him, which would’ve given him the chance to change his mind if he’d wanted to. I woke up at quarter past twelve and still felt knackered after having 12 hours sleep. That’s surely the longest I’ve ever slept. Grandad and Aunty Karen gave me two pounds each which I’m really grateful for as I’m catching the bus into Chippenham tomorrow and without it I couldn’t

Monday 4th July

Today started off on a bad note as I woke up an hour late to do my paper round, my bike had a flat type, and to top it all off it was bucketing it down. I’ve asked Mum whether she’ll pay the twenty pound hall hire for my party and she said yes but she’ll have to ask Dad. I hope he says yes. I know my birthday’s ages away but you have to start planning these things! Went into Chippenham on the bus with Sheila, Nadine and Claudia. All I bought for myself was lip balm and sweets as the single wasn’t out. I also bought Sheila’s birthday present. Now I’m saving up to buy the Blur album on cassette so I can take it on holiday with me.

Tuesday 5th July

Today was a real strange day and the thing is I can’t explain it as it’s kind of hard to put it into writing. I’ve been feeling some really mixed feelings lately and I’m not sure what they really mean. One part of me says I really fancy Arnold but yet another part of me says he’s a good friend. Then another part of me tells me Sheila doesn’t like me, when I know she does. It’s just at times she’s got a funny way of showing it because she’s got into her head that I don’t mind when she calls me names or saying I’m fat, but actually I do mind. It’s not exactly very ego building when you’re called something. It makes me lack confidence.

Wednesday 6th July

I stayed at home today because I felt really ill. Sheila called round after school and she told me something that is a real shock. She’s really upset. I’m going to have to give her lots of support else she’ll breakdown and god only knows what will happen. I really can’t believe it.

Thursday 7th July

I’m so stupid, I can’t believe I decided to go to school just because of a stupid Physics test. Why am I so dumb. I’m still as ill as yesterday, in a way worse as I’m aching a lot more. In a way I don’t want to go to school tomorrow, but if I didn’t go I’d miss so many different important things. Percy said I should go to a rave in Malmesbury on Saturday night. He is a little wanker he really is. He thought he could get away with it when he said I should go to Raymond’s sleepover, but to try it a second time is pure shit.

Friday 8th July

I stayed at home today and didn’t do my paper round, which I suppose was a good thing as Sheila forgot to bring her bike round so I would have had to walk. I’m feeling a lot better now though. Mum reckons it could have just been stress due to all the school work I’ve been doing. Smudge (guineapig) had a fit today, it was really horrible. I honestly thought she was going to die. I reckon she’ll be lucky if she makes it through the night. We’ve separated Hazel from her though just to be on the safe side. Mrs Chiles has given us so much French holiday homework

Tune in next week for more insight into the life of a teenage girl (me!) growing up in the 90s.

*names have been changed to protect the not so innocent

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