Simple Pick-Me-Ups to Turn-Around a Trying Day

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We all have those days where we fall out of bed, the shower is too cold or too hot, we manage to burn the toast and coffee simultaneously and then for the rest of the day, nothing quite tastes right. The bus is late, or traffic is bad and every little movement or sound your nearest desk-mate makes is just grating on your last nerve. These days, luckily, are usually few and far between but when they do happen, it can honestly feel like some of the longest and most trying day of your existence. It can even make some people feel like there is someone out there who has something against you and has decided that today, is just not going to be your day.

Worry not, like the old saying goes “never go to bed angry”. Here are some simple and efficient pick me ups you can try the next time your day is not going the way you would have hoped, to ensure you never go to sleep feeling annoyed, angry or upset which can affect the quality of your sleep increasing the risk of another bad day.

5-Minute Meditation

Meditation is a fantastic way to shrug off the concerns of a bad day and slip into a relaxing mind-state that can clear intrusive bad thoughts and help you feel ultimately more relaxed and less anxious. Find a comfortable spot that allows you plenty of room, so you don’t feel restricted or cramped, then sit and take some deep breaths, visualising the release of built-up tension as you exhale.

As you do this, clear your mind of thoughts, it might be easier to do this using instrumental music or white noise that you can focus on. Once the 5 minutes have elapsed you should feel less tension throughout your body and feel less concerned with the previous bothering thoughts that were occupying your mind. If you are still feeling tense or stressed, simply continue the meditation for longer, switching positions so not to create stiff muscles.

Volunteer Your Resources

When we get into a negative mindset, it’s difficult to feel like we aren’t suffering the most in that exact moment. Which of course, isn’t true and an unaffected and free mind can comprehend and emphasise with easily. However, a good way to reopen your mind is to volunteer your resources to others that are in need. Whether this is offering your time to work in a soup-kitchen or foodbank, donating clothes, toys or furniture to charity or organising a charity event which can be used to raise funds.

Many communities greatly encourage charitable acts, such as paying zakat in Islamic societies or schools that support poorer education facilities in third world countries. The individuals of these communities have a much greater understanding and sense of need of less fortunate people than those who do not involve themselves with charities or fundraising opportunities and are often better equipped to get themselves out of a negative mind-set.

Get Active and Go Outside

Getting moving is an efficient method of lifting your mood and distracting you from the worries of a bad day, whether it’s going for a short walk, a gentle jog or getting involved in something more active like DIY, strength-training or swimming laps. It’s also a good excuse to get outdoors and enjoy the natural views available. Why not plan a walking route that goes past some interesting or favourite locations, find somewhere to stop and smell the flowers, admire the native wildlife or simply sit and watch the world go by?

Take a Nap

Naps should be considered the ‘soft-reset’ of the human world, not only are they good for perking you up if you are feeling weary but studies show that taking a 10-30-minute nap can improve your productivity, mood-levels and sense of alertness. Offer your mind an escape from negative thoughts with a refreshing and revitalising snooze, it might just be the break your day needs to turn-around for the better!

The next time you are feeling the pressures of day-to-day living or have found yourself in a downward funk that you can’t seem to get out off, turn to these simple pick-me-up ideas. These activities don’t have to take up a huge part of your day but they could be the changing factor that transforms your day from simply the worst to the greatest day ever!

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