The Teenage Years: My Five Year Diary (8th – 14th January 1994)

It’s 1994 and it’s the second week in January. Emotions are running high, school pressure is increasing and who knew I was into football quite so much!?!?! Totally only interested because I naively thought it would increase my chances with Take That if I ever met them (ummmmm hello!) and also to perv at hot men in shorts (standard!) Enjoy giggling at this week’s episode of my 1994 teenage five year diary:

Saturday 8th January 1994

I didn’t clean out the animals so I’ll have to do it tomorrow and I just know it’s going to rain really hard and I end up feeling all gritty and foul. I should have done it today but we went into Chippenham and I couldn’t be bothered afterwards. I bought Mark and Gary a birthday card each and I wrote some letters. Hopefully they will write back, but I very much doubt it. Oldham Athletic won 2-1 against Derby County in the FA Cup. Port Vale drew 1-1 against Southampton. I much prefer Oldham to Port Vale. I don’t know why because it’s not definite that Mark supports Oldham, whereas it is definite that Robbie supports Port Vale. Bad Boys Inc. were on Noel’s House Party and when they came on I had a hot flush and nearly started crying. I can’t understand it. I don’t even like them.

Sunday 9th January 1994

I had a 2 hour telephone conversation with Sheila and I think we must have talked about every subject under the sun. I’ve come to the conclusion that I seriously need to consider putting more money into my Post Office account because I’ve only got about £70 in there and it won’t be long before I’ll be thinking about driving lessons and £70 will  probably only buy me one lesson. I have a serious financial problem, what with having to pay off for my clothes and having to think about the future. It’s all very stressful but I’ve worked out I should have paid for my clothes by about the end of January so that isn’t too bad and then I’ll take £20 out of February’s allowance and put it in my account. Maybe I’ll stick to it now I’ve got it in writing!!!!

Monday 10th January 1994

We babysat for Nina and got £2.50 each so that helped pay for my clothes. I’ve lost my German textbook and I can just tell I’ll have to fork about £10 out for a new one. I’ve got so much homework it’s unbelievable, but the thing is it’s all really hard so I’m kind of dreading doing any of them let alone all of them. I got 80% for my Maths test which would’ve got me an A at GCSE. Wilfred only got 40% and Petunia 48%. I don’t understand how they did so crap, I found it really easy. Mind you this is Petunia and Wilfred, they really couldn’t be bothered. We got a load of Tech homework about refrigeration and the questions were really difficult, but I’ve managed to get it done. I’ll probably get a C.

Tuesday 11th January 1994

I didn’t find my German book so my only hope is that Diana has it but I’ve just got this feeling that she hasn’t. If not I’ll tell Miss Lovie and ask her whether I’ll have to buy a new one. Sheila was talking about Take That and when they do another concert. Apparently, they’re doing a world tour including England and she reckons that we should buy two tickets each (she says that Delilah and Betty want to come with us) and we’ll stay down at Trudy her cousin’s and pay board for the two days. I suppose it’s not a bad idea, but I can just tell it’ll be a school day and I know my parents won’t let me miss school just for a concert and I expect everyone else will be allowed to go.

Wednesday 12th January 1994

I bought Just 17 and free with it came an Astrology booklet which virtually told me I was attracted to tall, skinny, dweeb type boys. What a load of *!,*. I go for tall, athletic, hunky types, or small, cute, snugglesome types e.g Mark Owen. It also had the cheek to say I wasn’t matched perfectly with Aquarians. We’re doing a different project in Art now where we have to choose a famous painting and modernise it in whichever fashion we choose. I suppose it won’t be too bad, but I’ve got this gut feeling it’s going to be really difficult. I had a dream that Robbie liked me so much when I met him at a signing session that he gave me his phone number. It was 0000 720 823.

Thursday 13th January 1994

I’m going to be playing Basketball for the interform thing. I’m in a team with Maud, Chuck, Marcus and Jock so I reckon we’ve got a pretty good chance of winning. Apparently rumour has been going round Filands that I’m the best basketball player in Corn Gastons. How that rumour started I do not know. I don’t even play basketball in PE any more. Betty had her ear pierced at the top and I’m sorry to say that it looks really crap. I’m  not meaning that in a horrible way though. Punk has come back into fashion and I can just imagine Betty as a punk. She follows every fashion and doesn’t really care what other people think. She’s someone that I really look up to. She’s got a lot more nerve than me.

Friday 14th January 1994

Hetty Fallon came home on our bus because she was going to see how Marcus was because he’s sprained/broken his ankle. She’s actually really nice. We had an  interesting conversation generally talking about my brother and how different we are –  him being outgoing and me shy. She also asked who I fancied but I told her it was pretty “hush hush”. I never realised she was so nice, but she seems to understand exactly how I feel. You don’t know how good that feels. Now that Marcus hurt his ankle he won’t be able to play basketball so I don’t know who’s taking his place. It’s starting Wednesday. I really hope we win it. It would give me such pride. I’ve never won a sport.

Hey there, 2020 me again. Wow, I reckon I worried more about money then than I do now! But then I suppose that’s no wonder if I was only getting £2.50 to babysit and I’d somehow worked out driving lessons were going going to be £70 a pop – pretty sure they were nowhere near that in 1994! And where has this “aren’t I better than everyone else” attitude come from!?! But combined with ALL the insecurities…. tune in next week for more teenage angst!

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