Today is the day to…

Start your Christmas Diet!

Want to fit into your favourite dress in time for Christmas?

Well, today is the day that experts recommend you start your diet if you would like to drop a dress size in time for Christmas.

October 25th is exactly two months before the big event itself, so if you start now it gives you a good clear 6 weeks, making it perfect for all those pre-Christmas work parties. You only need to make a few small changes to your diet to really notice a difference; replace sweet desserts with a piece of fruit, lower your alcohol intake and set yourself the challenge of no takeaways for a month.Β  It may seem hard, but it will be so worth it when you fit into that glittery gown that’s been hiding at the back of your wardrobe because you couldn’t quite get the zip done up. Or why not treat yourself to a new dress? That could be your prize at the end of your healthy eating stint.

For more advice about how to lose a few pounds before Christmas, read our article ‘Drop a Dress Size by Christmas‘. And please let us know how you’re getting on, we’ll even post some of your before and after photos on our blog board…if you’re brave enough! Good luck, we know you can do this!

If you think you may need some positivity to help you on your weight loss journey or simply some motivation each morning, why not sign up to our free motivational quotes services; delivering you inspirational words of advice to lift the spirit, boost the mood and basically give you a giant kick up the backside!

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