Top 6 Interesting Places To Dine Around The World

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Are you a self-proclaimed foodie and world traveller? There’s no way you can call yourself that unless you have some pretty crazy dining experiences under your belt. But, even if you do have a story or two to tell, these amazing restaurants will put every other to shame. From exotic venues to magnificent views and gorgeous presentations, here are the top six interesting places to dine around the world in 2019.

Vertigo, Bangkok

This one is definitely not for the faint of heart! Unless you’re ready to lose your lunch, don’t even consider coming to Vertigo with a fear of heights. This appropriately named restaurant is located on the 61st floor high above the streets of Bangkok. Banyan Tree Hotel holds Vertigo and its Moon bar as a crown right on top of its 61 floors. The best thing besides the view which is truly breathtaking is the quiet. Bangkok is busy and hectic, but when you find yourself so high above its streets, you can really relax and enjoy some silence spiced with the romantic sounds of nature.

Grotta Palazzese, Italy

If you happen to travel the coastal part of Italy, make sure to visit Polignano a Mare, a picturesque little fishing village. This might sound like any old Italian village, but Polignano a Mare hides a secret – a gorgeous restaurant hidden in a cave right by the sea. This cave has been serving guests and holding various events for 300 years, so you know it’s super special! When it comes to food, make sure to enjoy their light tasting menus appropriately named Dream and Unforgettable. With each carefully curated dish you get an even tastier wine pairing that will go absolutely amazing with your food and the romantic Italian atmosphere.

Cupitt’s Kitchen, Australia

Any visit to the South Coast of Australia should end with a meal at Cupitt’s Kitchen. This gem among Ulladulla restaurants is a part of Cupitt’s Estate and it naturally offers amazing views of the surrounding nature, Burrill Lake and Budawang Mountains. Thanks to its open design and huge floor-to-ceiling windows, everyone who comes can enjoy the view of beautiful Australia.

While everything on their menu is super delicious, Cupitt’s Kitchen is a real treat for cheese lovers. Cupitt fromagerie cheese selection is superb with four kinds of artisan cheese from their cheesemaking facility. They specialize in European-style cheese but use locally-sourced goat and cow milk from the nearby farms. When accompanied by their fresh sourdough bread and a glass of amazing Australian wine, every foodie will find themselves in heaven! Cupitt’s Kitchen is a mixture of all the best things Australia has to offer – food, wine and gorgeous views of nature!

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

The Philippines are known for their natural riches, but also their humid climate. So, if you’re looking for a dining experience that will keep your belly full and your body fresh, come to the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant. Enjoy some of the most delicious local cuisine as crystal clear water flows over your feet and waterfall droplets refresh your back. The resort that houses this unique restaurant also offers entertainment like traditional dances and traditional music shows. Plus, if you’re looking to stretch your feet after a nice meal, the nature around the place is perfect for hiking and bird watching.

Snow Castle, Finland

If you’re a real snow lover, you’ll go crazy about this next restaurant and its location in general. Snow Castle in Finland is a hotel/restaurant where every single thing is made of ice and snow (except your food and drinks of course)! Because of its unique architecture, this place needs to be rebuilt from scratch every year, so you’ll never get to eat at the exact same restaurant. And, keep in mind that you need to eat a bit faster- all that ice will cool your food in minutes. But, you don’t have to hurry with drinks which stay perpetually chilled!

Safe House, USA

Are you a mystery lover? Do you love escape rooms and other puzzles? Come down to Safe House in Milwaukee where once you enter, you get transformed into a spy with a secret mission! The entire thing is super fun, and the prices are very appropriate (with a very witty selection of meals). Don’t come here solely for the food (it’s pretty average) but if you love to have a meal with a side of some adventure, don’t miss Safe House!

If you manage to grab a bite in all of these amazing restaurants, you’ll get to call yourself a rightful king or queen of foodies all over the world. So, start collecting them all!

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