Path To A Speedy Recovery From Surgery

close up of a woman's stomach with a scar downt he centre of it indicating her path to a speedy recovery post-surgery

Having any sort of surgery is stressful, no matter how small or routine it is. However, if you’re worried about your recovery and want to get back in the saddle as soon as possible, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are some of the best tips towards a speedy recovery from surgery.

Control Your Diet

In order to ensure good, painless and pleasant recovery, you should add some probiotics to your diet and up the intake of fibre a few weeks prior and a few months after the surgery. According to experts, patients who consumed fibre and probiotics after surgery had fewer instances of infections than those who continued eating their regular diet. Infections are to be avoided with everything you have!

Make All The Follow-Up Appointments

Even if you’re feeling totally normal, you should still see your doctor for post-op checkups. You might not see things they see, especially if you have an incision that’s internal. Some follow-up blood analysis might also be necessary together with medication alteration.

Ask For Help

While some pain is expected after surgery, too much pain can be not only extremely unpleasant but also put you at risk of developing a blood clot or pneumonia. So, if you’re suffering, don’t be scared to seek help. Your family members can help with daily tasks and your doctor can help with prescription pain medication.

Inspect Your Wound

If you’re squeamish, you might want to refrain from looking at your incision, but you should inspect it every day. While some procedures have an internal incision you can’t see, many procedures are done in a place where you can take a good look at your wound. Keep an eye on any redness and drainage. See whether the stitches are intact. This will help you figure out whether you’re healing properly or whether you might be developing an infection.

Be Careful With Certain Actions

If you have an abdominal or chest incision, you can do some serious damage if you make a wrong move. Things that are usually harmless like coughing and sneezing can prolong your recovery if done the wrong way. A new incision, no matter how well-done, is not very strong and every violent move can cause it to open. So, if you need to sneeze or cough or even go to the bathroom, try to brace your incision. You can do that with your hands or with a pillow just by applying pressure to it to keep the stitches together. Just remember that coughing is normal and important after surgery since it prevents pneumonia.

Get Moving

You will most likely be advised to walk as soon as you can. This will prevent blood clots and get your lungs and bowels moving. When you come home, make sure to continue moving to prevent other issues like pneumonia and deep vein thrombosis. You can spare a few minutes every hour or two to take a short walk in order to speed up your recovery.

Follow Instructions

This might seem like a no-brainer, but there are many people who ignore their doctor’s advice and end up endangering their health. It’s very important to have a knowledgeable doctor with plenty of experience. Luckily, developed countries like Australia are full of amazing specialists who have not only the experience but also great talent and technology at their disposal. For instance, if you’re undergoing breast augmentation surgery, you can expect expert advice that you would be wise to stick to. If your surgeon recommends a certain lifestyle change and certain new patterns of behaviour during the first few weeks, make sure to listen. If you don’t, there might be complications that will slow down your recovery and make the results less impressive.

Get Some Sun

If you can, try to move your bed next to a window when you get home so that you can get plenty of sunlight. While too much direct sunlight is not good for human skin, moderate exposure is the key to recovery and optimal health. A light walk outside is both beneficial and pleasant.

So, if you can follow all of these tips, you’re in for a quick and painless recovery from your surgery. Just remember, you know your body the best and if you notice anything wrong, make sure to check with your doctor as soon as possible.

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