My Monthly Teenage Diary – November 1993

November brings my 15th birthday, another Take That concert, yet more boy angst, and an endless amount of tests. It’s time for my monthly teenage diary extracts…

Monday 1st November

Back to school. Got a fiver for babysitting so that was pretty cool. Saw Percy. He phoned Sheila up because he was bored. She’s so ungrateful, I wish he’d phone me. Mary wasn’t at school today because she had to catch up on homework. I can tell she’ll hate my coat, she tends to hate everything else I own. Mum’s such a cow, she won’t get any library books out for me and I really need them desperately for my Tech coursework.

Tuesday 2nd November

I got the video and it’s really brilliant, it brings thee memories rushing back. Allie Price has invited me to her engagement party in April. She’s engaged to a Turkish boy that she only knew for 2 weeks. She was saying something about me and Mary being bridesmaids, but it’s not definite. I mean, it must be true, it just takes a long time to sink in.

Wednesday 3rd November

I watched My Girl and cried, it’s just such a sad film, I really like it. Nick’s going out with Jody who went to Germany with me, which means he doesn’t fancy me any more, a great relief lifted from my shoulders. I got another A+ in Geography, maybe I should be a geologist when I’m older… I don’t think so! Sheila rang me and we had a bitch about absolutely everyone I know. It’s horrible, but it’s the only time I can say what I really feel.

Thursday 4th November

Physics test. I got a reply from the fan club. OK so it wasn’t a letter, but I still got a reply. I’m so chuffed. I’ve got an envelope that Take That have actually touched. It just has a message on the outside saying ‘Thanks for your letter, it’s been passed on. As you didn’t quote your membership number please find a form from the club.’ Apart from the fact I did include my membership number. Oh well who cares, I still got a reply.

Friday 5th November

Babysitting. Fireworks at Star. The fireworks were pretty cool. It’s the first time in ages since I’ve socialised. Babysat at Elaine’s so we watched the Give Good Feeling and Apache section of the Take That video. Stan and Ivor sprayed all my deodorant and broke my mirror so they had to buy me some more. I was more worried about the fact I’d left my underwear out.

Saturday 6th November

Babysitting. Went into Chippenham and bought deodorant, cotton wool, duo pads, lipstick, eyeliner, and a ring and necklace. Sheila delivered a newspaper to the wrong house so god knows what Mr Panisa will say to me on Monday. We then went to a playgroup craft fair and then cleaned out the animals. Dad comes back tomorrow morning, but I won’t get to see him until the afternoon.

Sunday 7th November

I lost my dolphin ring at Sheila’s so I’m going to have to get Mum to get me another one on Tuesday. Dad came back today. He bought me a set of really expensive perfumes, they’re absolutely gorgeous. The concert tour starts tomorrow and exactly a week today we’ll be going to see them. I really can’t wait, but it’s going to be so depressing afterwards knowing that we haven’t got any tickets for future concerts and it’ll be ages before we see them again.

Monday 8th November

Arnold’s been talking to me a lot lately, he’s really cute. Betty hasn’t got the video so Sheila’s lending hers to her. I wish I’d thought of that because it’s as though me and Sheila are competing to see who Betty will like best and I’m sorry to say she’ll probably like Sheila best. Betty said she’s sitting just where the seats start to slope at the back. Take That perform at Bournemouth tonight, I’m so depressed because I’m not there.

Tuesday 9th November

Sheila put my hair in attempted dreadlocks. Frida said I looked like Angel out of Home and Away. Had another really interesting conversation with Arnold in Maths and sort of in English. He’s really cute and school boyish. I suppose there’s a 50% chance he fancies me, but there’s also a 50% chance he doesn’t. I’m getting really excited about the concert, more so than the last one. I just hope I lose my voice so I can’t talk on Monday at school. I’m going to try my hardest.

Wednesday 10th November

I’m like totally in lurve with Arnold, he’s just so cute and sensitive. Had another really deep conversation with him. The good thing is he looks at you when he/me talks so his eyes lock with mine. It makes my heart melt. Sheila reckons he looks like Mark and I agree, but I didn’t tell her that just in case she begins to suspect something. I haven’t got the nerve to ask him out, but I’m hoping just hoping he’ll ask me.

Thursday 11th November

Only had a quick talk with Arnold because I didn’t have any lessons with him. He touched, OK so it wasn’t delicate, but he still touched me. I got 34 out of 40 for my Physics test, which I was really pleased and amazed at. I scored a basket in basketball and I think I played really well. I got the ball off of Charles Graver, now that’s amazing. I sure was sweaty afterwards though.

Friday 12th November

Hand Tech coursework in. Today was supposed to be my lucky day, far from it. I’m thoroughly tired and worn down meaning I’ve only got 1 1/2 days to revive for the concert. Arnold did a few things which pleased me, but Tuesdays are the days which I like the most, I get to spend 4 lessons with him. 2 lessons sat in front of him and 2 lessons sat opposite him. Lush.

Saturday 13th November

Babysitting. My postcards came this morning and they’re really lush, just like real photographs. I don’t care that I paid more than Sheila, I’m just glad I’ve got them. It’s finally hit me full blown in the face that I’m actually going to see Take That again. Twice in one year. I’m just hoping we’ve got good seats, because it sounds a bit dodgy that we’re at the side. I suppose it’s better than being where Betty is. I hope we see her tomorrow. I wanna see what she’s wearing. I hope I look better than her.

Sunday 14th November

TAKE THAT CONCERT. Talk about brilliant. I won’t say any more because it’s explained in detail on the paper. Robbie was sick last night, but luckily Winnie came home just in time and we got £3 each. We’ve been ready since about 12.oo and we’re leaving at 4.00. We got there at 5.45 and I was panicking we’d be the first one’s there, far from it. God am I knackered.

Monday 15th November

Went to school and told Betty that Mark waved at me. She was so miffed. Oh he’s so lush. And I’m so depressed because I don’t know when the next tour is and also I know they’re performing up to the 4th December while I’m just sitting at home. Oh Mark I love you so much, surely you must love me as well. Arnold talked to me and touched me. He reckons he was thinking of me when I was at the concert. Oh he’s so sweet. What’s wrong with me? How come no one wants to go out with me?

Tuesday 16th November

I’ve been feeling really awful, headachy, cold and generally run down. Today was a good day on the Arnold front, put together I had roughly a 3 hour conversation with him, from films to books, he said he nearly cried when he watched My Girl, so we do have something in common. I can’t believe the concert is over, I need to see them again. Everyone’s so jealous that Mark waved at me, it’s made me so happy.

Wednesday 17th November

Geography test. I didn’t go to school because I threw up last night and generally felt disgusting. I’m cancelling my paper round for the week as well. I’m gonna go back tomorrow because I’ve got a Biology test and I don’t want to miss it. Sheila rang me from school to see how I was and Wilfred and Mary told A to tell me they hope I get better soon, which I thought was really sweet and it actually brought tears to my eyes.

Thursday 18th November

Biology test. I went back to school and feel almost 100% better. The Biology test was really hard, but I revised all that I could have. I got the highest mark fro my Physics coursework. I’m so proud. I got levels 4, 7, 5 while most other people got 4, 7, 4. Sheila started her periods yesterday and I really don’t know what to say. She’s using tampons already. I can’t believe it. I find them so hard to insert.

Friday 19th November

German test. I got 20 out of 20 and it was the highest in the class. I was so stunned. I’ve now got my TV. It’s really cool and the sales assistant in SEB wasn’t exactly hit by the ugly stick. Cor, he was something. Arnold seems to be always talking with me now, I’m sure he doesn’t fancy me, but maybe if we keep getting friendlier and friendlier it will eventually lead to romance.

Saturday 20th November

I had quite a relaxful day apart from cleaning out the animals. Sheila came over and we made each other up. She looked OK, but I looked dreadful. I was sorting through my cupboard and found a purse full of receipts I’d written out when I was little and used to play shops. I never even realised I’d kept them, so I put them in my memory box. It nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Sunday 21st November

Had a really weird dream and just before I feel asleep I heard someone say my name. The thing is everyone else was in bed. What with that and the knock on my door I’m considering the fact that something could be haunting me! It snowed ever so lightly, I’m sure we’re going to have a really bad winter. The thing is I’ve got to do my paper round and I know it’ll be freezing. Take That were on a programme for Mickey Mouse’s birthday. It was OK I suppose.

Monday 22nd November

Saw Arnold again. He’s just so lush, but it just doesn’t seem to be leading to anything. I know he doesn’t fancy me, he just enjoys being round me, but only as a friend. Maybe that’s for the best in the long run. I finished my artwork today and I’m sorry to say it’s really crap. Timothy keeps miffing me and now he says he doesn’t like me. The thing is I don’t know whether he’s joking or being serious, you just can’t tell.

Tuesday 23rd November

Chemistry test. It appeared really easy. I bet I get really bad marks now. For my Macbeth work I got 3 level 8s and also level 8 for my story I wrote. I’m really proud of myself. It snowed today and was really cold. I went out to do my paper round and it was so cold ice was settling on me and my eyelashes froze. It said in the papers that Robbie, Howard and Jason have all tried drugs. Do I believe it though.

Wednesday 24th November

There was a whole load on Take That in all the magazines. The trouble is I haven’t got a scrapbook to put all the clippings in. To tell you the truth I’m not exactly over excited that it’s my birthday tomorrow. In fact everyone else is more excited than me. It’s just going to seem like a normal day, but I’ll just be given presents. I’ve got a funny feeling I’ve got lots of chocolates.

Thursday 25th November

My 15th Birthday. Today has been OK I suppose. I got lots of presents and cards including a card from Betty! I got my Biology test and coursework results back. I got level 8 (33/44) for my test and levels 5, 8, and 6 for my coursework. I was quite pleased with them. A got the whole bus to sing Happy Birthday to me, which was really sweet but was also really embarrassing.

Birthday present list

  • TV – Mum and Dad
  • Joss sticks, lipstick, Bombapillar, Grumbler, eyeshadow – Sheila
  • 2 Bubble baths – A
  • Malteasers and fruit gums – Wilfred
  • Toblerone – Jill
  • Tin and Malteasers – Mary
  • Bug, bag and perfume holder – Petunia
  • Soap and bath cube – Veruca
  • CTG stuff – Claudia
  • £40 – various relatives

Friday 26th November

Hand Tech coursework in and make meal. Babysitting. Saw some of the programmes and to tell you the truth there isn’t rally a lot of difference of when you’ve got them and when you haven’t. I’ve worked out that I’ve got about £45 to spend on myself tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some Converse boots and a hat, but some clothes would be nice. I got a birthday card off of Ursula.

Saturday 27th November

Xmas shopping in Bristol. I’m generally knackered, shopping is more tiring than you think. I’ve managed to get all my Christmas shopping done and also spent some of my birthday money. I bought some suede boots, a grey floppy hat, and another dolphin ring. There are loads of homeless people in Bristol and I’m sure that if I was on my own I would’ve given some money.

Sunday 28th November

Done sod all today apart from staying at Sheila’s and then getting back home, wrapping xmas presents and doing a huge pile of homework. Sheila found my old dolphin ring, which was a bit of a miff. But comparing it to the other one, it was a bit crapped out. I’ve borrowed Sheila’s curling tongs and I’m going to buy some mousse and scrunch dry my hair. Hopefully it should work.

Monday 29th November

Betty is going out with Willy. I don’t like him, but then it’s not up to me. Percy reckons that Tommy thinks I fancy him just because I gave him any old phone number and told him it was mine. The thing is I don’t fancy Tommy and I know I never will. I really fancy Percy and Arnold, especially Arnold, he’s totally dreamy. Tomorrow’s really good because I see Arnold for 4 lessons and Petunia’ will probably be ill.

Tuesday 30th November

Betty dumped Willy. I didn’t ask her why because I didn’t really think it was any of my business. I got 38 out of 40 for my Chemistry test, which I was really proud of. It’s Arnold’s birthday tomorrow so that means I probably won’t get to talk to him because everyone else will be. I’m too low on the list to bother about. I’m so unpopular.

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