What Is Tantric Massage And How Does It Differ From A Normal Massage?

Mention the word ‘tantra’ and I immediately think of the singer, Sting. Bit random I know, but I remember there was this whole thing in the papers about him and his wife enjoying lengthy sessions of tantric sex. But tantric sex, tantric massage, indeed anything ‘tantra’ is about more than lengthy sessions. It is about engaging with the deeply sensual and spiritual part of you, to bring about better wellbeing, increased relaxation, and a stronger human connection.

Today, we’re going to look specifically at tantric massage, to explore how it differs from your run of the mill massage, and to discover what benefits this type of massage has to offer.

What Is Tantric Massage?

According to Oxford Languages, Tantra dates back to around about the 7th century and was a series of esoteric scriptures found in Hindu and Buddhist faiths. The word itself literally translates as to weave or to balance and so if we apply this to what we understand Tantra to be today, it is to weave together the elements of ourselves that help us to find balance and connection with others.

Traditionally, a Tantric lifestyle was achieved through the practice of mantras, meditation, yoga, and spiritual rituals including massage. Nowadays, it is predominantly associated with sex and whilst there is most certainly a link, there is way more to this practice than sex alone. So how then does Tantra apply to massage? What makes a tantric massage different to say a Swedish or Thai massage?

Tantric massage is a full body massage that focuses on certain chakras to help move energy around the body and to arouse sexual energy. It requires the deepest level of relaxation from the recipient in order to build up waves of energy and as such it is the masseur’s job to really connect with the person they are massaging and to gauge how they respond to their touch. It is the ultimate release if you like, a chance to free yourself of all inhibitions, to overcome negative barriers, and to become emotionally enlightened and empowered.

What distinguishes tantric massage from other massage techniques is that the masseur uses their whole body to massage you rather than just their hands, which can open doors to newfound sexual freedom. Like most other massage techniques, one of the key purposes of tantric massage is to relax the body, and this brings about numerous health benefits in its own right. Dive deeper into the art of tantric massage and unravel its secrets with insights from The Legendary Lover.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Tantric Massage?

Aside from a potential sexual awakening, what other benefits can be had from receiving a tantric massage? Well, like most other massage techniques, one of the key purposes of tantric massage is to relax the body, and this brings about numerous health benefits in its own right. Just check this lovely lot out:

  • Builds trust with your partner.
  • Encourages deeper intimacy with your partner.
  • Improves sexual stamina.
  • Stress relief.
  • Aids sleep.
  • Boosts immune and nervous system.
  • Eases pain.
  • Increases desire.
  • Empowers.
  • Allows you to discover what you like.
  • May heal emotional blockages.
  • Aligns your energies.

Tantra is a lifestyle choice, one made up of lots of different paths, all with the same purpose of creating a life that is plentiful, happy, healthy and connected. Tantric massage makes up just one part of this journey and offers a means to become enlightened in all aspects of life and to help build strong meaningful and lasting relationships.

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