What You Need To Know When Availing Same Day Dentistry Services In Westerville, OH

Westerville is a city in Franklin County, with around 40,000 residents. Rated as one of the best places to live in Ohio, this city offers a suburban feel with a thriving commercial and business district. This community also boasts of having excellent educational facilities and healthcare quality.

As a city that offers a good quality of life, there are many dental services available in the area. Same Day Dentistry in Westerville, OH, is already considered an acceptable practice in the field. Gone are the days when you have to book in advance to get your dental appointment. Patients also do not have to make multiple trips to the dentist to obtain their necessary procedures.

Same day dentistry is a product of improved technology. With cutting edge tools, procedures that would usually take weeks or months can now be done in a few hours. As such, patients can get their picture-perfect smile in just a day. They can walk in the clinic with damaged teeth and go home with a newly implanted set.

What Happens During A Same Day Dental Appointment?

During your visit, your dentist will examine your teeth and make recommendations. Your dentist will most likely ask you to go through a 3D dental scanning device to see the extent of the damage. The usual procedures possible within this limited amount of time involve getting fitted crowns and veneers. Your dentist will use a crown-printing CAD-CAM machine to create a ceramic material model of your crown or dental implant. Once done, your dental provider will place it on the tooth, and you can already brandish that almost natural tooth. You can have your confidence back in just a day.

Advantages Of This Procedure

Time is one of the best benefits of this procedure. Going back and forth can be a hassle, especially for working individuals. Additionally, multiple treatments mean multiple adjustments. Patients have to deal with difficulty in eating every time they would go for treatment. With same day dental service, patients do not have to wear dentures for an extended period as they wait for the implants to heal. They would also experience very minimal disruption in their manner of eating and talking.

Most importantly, 3D printing and CAD/CAM milling method has a very high success rate. It has been tested thoroughly and does not pose any threat to long-term success. It is just as effective as the traditional methods used in the past.

Disadvantages Of This Procedure

One of the obstacles to getting this procedure is the cost. Having this procedure done in Westerville, Ohio, could cost anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000, depending on the number of implants that you need. While it looks costly, this is still cheaper compared to other cities in Ohio. For example, North Ridgeville usually charges $7,000 minimum while Cleveland normally asks for $8,000 at the very least.

Another disadvantage is that patients have to take extra care so that their implant will not experience unnecessary movement. If it gets moved, the implanted tooth may not heal properly. The time needed for the bonding process to be successful is anytime between 3-6 months.

Same Day Dentistry in Westerville, OH, is worth anyone’s investment. No one should suffer from poor teeth. It is not just about looking excellent, but it is also about overall health and confidence in one’s self.

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