When Is The Best Time To Reach Out For A Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you suffer an injury in an accident, you may consider filing a claim against the person responsible for your injuries. You may also be thinking about doing it on your own and not getting legal representation. If this is your case, you should keep in mind that the insurance company has an entire team of lawyers working for them and that their objective is having you accept their lowest offer. Hiring a personal injury attorney is what you need to do to level the playing field. The question is: when is the best time to hire a personal injury lawyer? Here are some ideas.

When You Received A Lowball Offer From The Insurance Company

Dealing with the insurance company without a lawyer will most likely result in you leaving valuable money on the table. They know that there is always a chance that you will just take the money offered and count your blessings. These low offers even have a name: “nuisance value” offers. They know that you don’t have the expertise or legal training to negotiate with them. You will also be unable to demonstrate the severity of your injuries and prove liability. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer and let them do the heavy lifting for you.

Before The Statute Of Limitations Runs Out

Filing a claim for a personal injury needs to follow a certain timeframe. Depending on the state where you live or where the accident took place, you may have between 2 and 4 years to file a claim. After this, it becomes impossible to do so.

Don’t wait until the time has almost run out to seek legal representation. A solid case does not get built in one day. Give your personal injury lawyer enough time to conduct the needed investigation and put together the necessary documents to file your claim. Call a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

When You Are Not Sure About Your Case

Meeting with a personal injury lawyer after an accident in which you were injured is a good way to understand the merits of your case and get an idea as to what steps will need to be taken to move forward with a claim. Don’t try to unscramble all the doubts you have on your own. An initial consultation with a personal injury attorney can help you clear any doubts and allow you to concentrate on your health while your lawyer gets the legal matters taken care of.

When You Want To Maximize The Damages You Are Seeking

Let’s face it, being injured and having to undergo a series of medical treatments, therapies, and even surgeries have taken up all your energy and time. All the while, medical bills have been piling up, and your stress level is going even higher. A Georgia personal injury lawyer can help you put together a file with the economic damages, which include not only your medical expenses but the financial losses by your inability to go back to work. They will also calculate an amount to cover the pain and suffering, and emotional distress you have been experiencing. With their help, the amount of damages you are seeking can not only cover your out of pocket expenses but also take care of your stressful financial situation.

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